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[PATCHED] How To Set Up The Primadon Cheese EVERYTIME | Deepwoken (2k sub special)

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THANK YOU ALL FOR 2K! Todays video I will be showing you guys how to setup the new primadon cheese everytime! Hope this helps you guys in getting your bell or just beating primadon in deepwoken!

Yo what’s going on ladies and gentlemen of youtube so today um i just wanted to make a little special 2k subscriber video and this video is about how to cheese primiton like how to set up the cheese and i feel like it’s been kind of vague on how to set it up so i wanted to make a video to maybe help you guys get your bell and um help you guys choose primitive i

Start off by standing on the um place where you need to be but a little bit back in the perfect spot where i can dash forward like that so that he’s in the perfect spot and i dodge the punch if you feel like you’re gonna get hit by the punch just um try to parry it and if you mess up the parry timing then just hold block and pray for the best all right and here

I do a little bit of trolling just to mess up my spot and i want to show you guys if you guys don’t get them in the spot first try this is what you should do to actually try to get him into the spot that you want him you pretty much just want to run around dodge uh the rocks and his fists anything that he throws at you like just try to dodge it and listen to the

Sound cues and then i like to run over to this spot over here and then once and then if you don’t get him in that spot again just try it again and um just keep moving around him so he walks like where you want him to that’s kind of the best way i can explain it so yeah just keep circling around him so he moves and then eventually go back to the spot and see if you

Can actually cheat him just parry the air if necessary like if you don’t know if it’s gonna hit you or not just just parry anyways just to be safe and also i like to rock a haitians ring with this i’m level 60 as i’m doing this i didn’t really need an ischems ring all i did was eat an omelette make sure to eat omelets and have an is ring and you should be able to

Do this at level 50. i didn’t do it at level 50. i believe i did it at level 57 i think that’s when i did it but yeah you could do it like if it doesn’t work at level 50 any d spawns then keep going higher in levels until you can do it but yeah thanks a lot for 2k it means a lot to me guys and you guys have been showing a lot of love on the deepwoken videos so far

I’ve never actually like held numbers like this for like this long so i really appreciate it guys and other than that if you guys did enjoy the video feel free to leave a like and if you want to see more of my content hit that subscribe button and i’ll see you guys on the next video hope this video helped you guys and um enjoy your bells also next video is gonna

Be a phoenix progression so don’t worry that’s coming you

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[PATCHED] How To Set Up The Primadon Cheese EVERYTIME | Deepwoken (2k sub special) By deaG