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Patient Counseling Boniva

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when i uploaded the video, it cut some of the mock patient out. Hope this still works!!

Hmmm got some question about prescriptions i received today for my daughter okay my name is jeannie i’m the pharmacist nice to meet you do all right nice to meet you dale this is the first time you’ve been in our pharmacy yeah okay where do you normally get your prescription rebka okay and do you have any prescription during insurance ah ya blue ground lucia

Probably shield okay so i’m gonna have to get some background information from you that’s okay yeah okay what’s your date of birth give me three to nineteen forty-three okay and are you on any other prescription drug medications right now mmm yeah h ctz or something that’s what does that yeah okay and how much of that do you take 25 milligram and how often what’s

A day and lissa brew or something up real yeah okay and what do you take both of those for uh-huh bloggers how about pressure okay and how much is a listing a brother you tight 10 million in how often wants that and how long have you been on both attacks oh five years five years have you take any over-the-counter medications there yeah multi parma that day okay

What multi-vitamins day i tell me what a day what a day mm-hmm ok emily the last time you got your blood pressure tip tasted today today no see you went to the doctor today yeah buddy yeah got a yearly checkup and bones can you hit a bone scan okay well i see that he wrote you a prescription for boniva and this is a bisphosphate derivative and the generic name is

I been a turn 80 are you familiar with this medication at all subscribe to me today okay so what this drug is supposed to do is it’s supposed to treat your soft and brittle bones that can be the beginnings of osteoporosis so that’s what it’s supposed to be treating um he has you taking it once a month so when you take it you need to take it on the same day each

Month so you take it on the first take a look first alma theede whatever they you decide is make sure you stay consistent with that if you do miss it i’m just take it as soon you think about it but you would never want to take double up and take two in one day okay if you have any questions about that you can feel free to call me um so some sata fixed well let me

Try to take it first so the way you would take it was you take it by mail what’s it look like i said and you want to take it with a full glass of water at least 60 minutes within before you drink your first meal of the day or drink any water take your first meal or drink any water so as soon as you wake up you want to drink that al to the water take the medication

And make sure you sit up for at least 60 minutes and don’t drink or eat anything for an hour they’re not even your coffee or anything like that i’m and you want to make sure that you take the tablet whole so never chew it or crush it or anything like that and um when you store it you want to make sure that you store in a dry place so not in your bathroom or anything

But something that’s gonna stay room temperature not too cold or not too hot it’s not gonna a faith anything other feels right no it should be fine okay could mow lawns get half my project well oh she does okay yeah it shouldn’t a feature blood pressure medication at all another thing there are a few side effects but they’re usually not very common in cities such

A low dose um you might experience some heartburn or some nausea diarrhea vomiting something like that if it gets too extreme just call your doctor and hopefully you can switch you to something else um some patients experience muscle pain but that’s pretty rare so hopefully you won’t um experience that um one thing that you can do to help with your austria person

Is exercise so would you have a place that you can walker yeah i got a long drive way i woke up not it why not okay well you can just walk up and down your driveway some and get a little bit of exercise that sometimes helps with your osteoporosis yeah okay so do you have any questions for me uh uh uh uh with my mom she had osteoporosis too so she might be on the

Same medication okay well maybe if you talked to her about the way things she does the hell some people have to take some extra calcium and things like that we talk to your doctor about that i got off over because i like five years ago quit smoking so okay um so let’s go back over would i talked about taking it so what are the three most important things that you

Remember me saying about taking it oh drink it with a full glass of water don’t lay down then don’t cross me no herr seville and don’t lay down for an hour after you take it or eat or drink anything okay and if you have any bad experience with this just make sure you can call your doctor um or call me and if you don’t have any other questions here’s your brownie

Book thank you and i hope to see you soon thank you can call me if you have any questions oh all right thank you

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Patient Counseling Boniva By Jenny Kissell