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Patient Teaching tool on Latuda

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Hey mark meet jane like you she is 17 years old and suffers from schizophrenia and like you jane struggles with functioning in her daily life due to her schizophrenia she suffers from lack of emotion disorganized speech and behavior hallucinations and delusions and losing interest in every activity and it frustrates her at school because she hasn’t found the

Right medication guess what we found the tudor duracidon hydrochloric the cheddar is an atypical antipsychotic second generation used for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar one disorder it works by controlling serotonin and recovery levels in the brain to control meat disturbances dosage the fluorescein comes in five different dosages it will start

You with the smallest dose 20 milligrams daily and we can adjust and increase your dosage slowly up to 80 milligrams daily oh yes mark the two that have some advantages over order atypical antipsychotics does not cause excessive weight gain does not have sedative effects good option for you mark because i know you would not want to give up your cigarettes

Now smoking does not affect the level of fluorescein in your body isn’t it kind of cool to know that mom will hasten your dinner because you already stick your lecture this is because the tudor should be taken 30 minutes after food at least 350 calories meal administration with food substantially increases the absorption latitude should be given at bedtime to

Reduce the effect of antithesis that is restlessness or restless leg syndrome later can affect your motor skills thinking or judgement so it is important not to drive or operate hazardous machineries until you know how latitude affects you it may also make you more sensitive to heat so use caution when exercising or playing out in the heat it work for me mark

Evidence shows that lecture that works well for most people with schizophrenia like you just remember to take your medication daily as directed and discuss how it affects you regularly with your provider you can expect to see the clinical effects of medication in about seven days and full benefits may be experienced in two to three months common side effects for

Adolescents with schizophrenia you may experience some knowledge nausea vomiting restlessness or restless leg syndrome possible increase in blood sugar involuntary or uncontrolled movements muscle contractions tremors or involuntary repetitive movements of parts of your face contraindications anti-fungi like ketoconazole and cholesterol medications grapefruit

Juice and john’s wort can cause serious side effects when taken concurrently with lure acetone report any side effect immediately you must talk to your doctor before taking any of these medications some antibiotics like rifampine claritomycin and some antiretrovirals cannot be taken concurrently with lure accident talk to your doctor before before any other

Doctor start you on any medication you must list all your medications including all over the counter medications here you’re taking cost mark the cost of of latitude is 750 to 780 dollars with the option of using an rs coupon but with insurance coverage your full page will be minimal wow look how happy jain is and so can you mark presenting to you a list

Of my references thank you very much for your kind attention

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Patient Teaching tool on Latuda By Josephine Ngante