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PEG (polyethylene glycol) and polysorbate: what are they

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I wasn’t sure what i was going to do today for a video please forgive my background still recovering from a flood it finally came to me i know exactly after a situation that happened this last weekend my fiance popped positive and afterwards he had a candid conversation with me and talked about me getting vaccinated which brings me to my video um i had

To explain to him that people have allergies in my particular case i have an allergic reaction to the inactive ingredients peg or polyethylene glycolate and polysorbate both are considered inactive ingredients but they are both in the vaccine for some people it’s no big deal in fact for a majority of people it’s no big deal in my particular case it’s an

Extremely big deal about 20 years ago i ended up in the hospital not being able to drink or eat being able to breathe but my whole entire body was broke out in a rash red rash and my hands were swollen so wear my feet i couldn’t walk i couldn’t do anything and i remember being in and out of the hospital for a whole entire weekend and the first weekend of june

And i did everything i could to do reversal of the different scenarios that kept coming up it was little too major um by the time it was very end it was classified as major and the doctors didn’t know what was going on and that time i didn’t have a medical staff working with me around the clock i do now but i didn’t then um and the doctor before he he didn’t

Believe me when he he’s like i don’t know what this is but i suspect that it’s uh gonorrhea and my mom i remember whispering my ear you didn’t as though i had gone out on my husband who has since passed but that’s besides the point um the fact of the matter is laying in this bed barely being able to move much less be able to eat and she was backing the doctor

Anyhow he said i’m gonna give you an epi drip it’s called epinephrine and it comes in a bag like one liter bag they hook it up to you and you know like an iv and they let it go and uh it was like watching a magic show is what my mother referred to because all the breakout completely disappeared my throat completely reversed where i was able to actually talk by

The time i came out i was not in a whisper or raspy voice i was being able to eat finally i was being able to drink which i couldn’t do for like 24 hours before that the doctor came back and said well i guess i was wrong and i have no idea what you’re allergic to it took a lot of trial and error a lot of guess and check and i realized i’m allergic to fd and

C additives and preservatives fdnc if you look on any prescriptions or any cosmetic or any foods that are prepped or anything they typically have these preservatives and additives and it’s called fdnc like yellow number five which is a common allergen blue number 40 i believe a few other different colors anyhow i’m basically allergic to all of that stuff

And i’m allergic to peg or polyethylene glycolate and polysorbate to the point that i avoid foods and i avoid anything that has to do with them um simply because i don’t want to be back in that situation and i don’t want to deal with another epidrip i remember what it did to me 20 years ago so i am totally for the majority of people getting taken care of i

Am very thankful that my fiance had gotten completely covered cleared down to his booster um and yet he still got it of course he lives in a nursing facility nursing home facility um in my particular case i live in the house that i grew up in and in the back here you see all the foods basically that i eat um i’m vegan not by choice and is partially due to

This original situation i discovered that meats are getting covered with uh food coloring and to enhance their look on the displays and the the way that they treat the foods what they feed to the animals you also take in that means grass that means corn that means all that other good junk i also discovered that i’m allergic to grass of all things um freshly

Cut grass uh the chloroform that comes from the uh freshly cut grass it makes my feed itch swell up and same with anything any part of my body that touches it it gets itchy and starts to inflame so i wasn’t sure what i was going to share this week but it was definitely a precursor to the fibromyalgia syndrome and i had to work on improvements for myself my

Lifestyle and so on i was married at the time to a latino chef so when i couldn’t eat his food he felt that i hated him when in fact i couldn’t eat the foods because my body didn’t do the foods very well anymore he was all about eating meats and adding colors and all sorts of stuff um you can get natural colors from natural foods just by uh giving them a little

Extra cook like you can turn a green to a emerald green or a red to a ruby red it just matters on how you take care of each little piece and get reinventing so i do apologize i burnt my throat um last night i drank some really hot um cider uh it was a little hotter than my throat could handle and i ended up writing my whole entire mouth so i’m like anyhow but

That’s besides the point my whole thing is that some people have to go without different things because of peg or because of polysorbate or any other additive or preservative and being aware of these things and letting the medical professionals know that you have an issue is a big deal in my particular case i tried to tell my doctor and he’s like well just try

It out and i’m like and you didn’t go through that anaphylactic situation or the epinephrine um thank you no thank you i would rather just stay isolated which i have pretty much isolated myself i do mask up whenever i go out in public i don’t care where i’m at um i do not care who i’m with which is very few people i’m very selective on where i go what i

Do where i’m at etc and timing is everything for me just because i am very protective of myself and of my situation in the fact that i know that i am hypersensitive my body is just hypersensitive to these situations now another piece that i did learn is that peg is considered a micro goal um and it’s also a derivative of petroleum and it’s used widely um in

Laxatives and cosmetics and foods and all sorts of good stuff so just a little piece of tidbit there i can’t use vaseline jelly because i itch after i put it on polysorbate is a derivative of sorbet and i can’t have any of those either same reason they’re all preserving agents and sorbet and and polysorbate i know are used in a lot of foods and candies etc

And i don’t eat any of that stuff anymore because i know i react to it so i thought i would just share a little tidbit on what i know as a consumer i am a certified life coach i am not a medical doctor i do coaching i don’t do medical stuff i mean there’s some things that i’m fairly familiar with but the things that i’m not familiar with i won’t touch on this

Is just one of them that i happen to know and i thought i would share so that you can make the best decision for you um i am pro getting facts i’m pro getting taken care of i’m also pro and you need to make your own decision for what is right for you and your health uh like i’ve had to take responsibility for me and my health and what i do to take care of me so until next time

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PEG (polyethylene glycol) and polysorbate: what are they By SCARLO and Fibromyalgia Recovery