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Pfizer is FDA Approved! Proceed With Caution

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Hey what’s up everybody all right thanks for checking out the video today and today i want to talk about what else covet in the fda and um just today the fda has approved um the covet vaccine it is fully approved and a lot of people are very very happy about that and you really can’t blame people for being happy because the thought is this is a step um in the

Direction of getting past covet because i mean let’s just be honest who’s not tired of covet i’m tired of talking about it i’m tiring or reading about it i’m sick of it i’m i’m over covet so a lot of people are thinking okay since this now approved that you know maybe we can get past it and move forward and get back to quote-unquote normal well that sounds good in

Theory but but i’m a realist and i’m here to say that that may not happen for a while and i’m going to tell you why um and i would love to hear what people think please leave me a comment please like and subscribe to my channel and please share this and let’s see what other people think let’s get a dialogue going alright first of all the fda they have approved

Things in the past and then come back you know in the future after it’s been approved they’ll come back and they will recall things because they discover that it’s hazardous to a person’s health just last week now i’ll put the link um in the bottom of this this video but just last week they came out um and recalled like over 200 hand sanitizers because they

Have an ingredient in them that can mess up your your body so they recall these hand sanitizers the fda just did that last week and there are products right now approved by the fda that are banned in other countries they’re abandoning other countries but they’re approved here and these products are primarily in our food ingredients and some of our foods and some

Of our processed foods some of our food colorings and i’ll put a link to that too now this isn’t um a disc of the fda or anything like that all i’m telling you is you cannot let your guard down you cannot let your guard down you can’t think just because the vaccines approve that you’re safe you still must be proactive and do everything you can to strengthen your

Immune system from within you still have to do that because here’s something else you got to think about yes people are going to be vaccinated here in the united states but you got to remember there are millions and millions and millions of people outside the united states who are not vaccinated some people are going on a third job here in the united states and

Other countries they haven’t had one yet so if a variant pops up in one of these other countries where people aren’t vaccinated you you know it’s going to hit the united states eventually it’s not a matter if it’s when these variants i don’t know how they do if they get around the world like that and we already have seen how the delta variant has evaded or let

Me let me rephrase that we’ve all seen how the delta variant um people who are fully vaccinated they still catch covet and in some instances not all but in a few instances people have been sick to the point they had to go to the hospital so just because you get vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re not going to get covered period and we all know that we all know that but

The thing you got to remember is there are variants out there there could be more variants and i think lambda is one now that they are saying may be evading the current vaccine that’s fda approved so yes you can get the vaccine but you cannot think you’re 100 safe that’s the thing that people have to remember so you must be proactive and do everything you can to

Stop the immune system your immune system from the inside out now in a previous video i talked about and i shared links to by the way of how a vitamin d deficiency has been linked to severity of covet so whether you get the vaccine or not whether you’re required to or not still go outside and get you some sun still do other things to help keep your body healthy

Strengthen your immune system because one thing that i cannot stand that i’ve seen repeatedly over the last i don’t know year and a half they don’t talk about things you can do to strengthen your immune system i never have seen stories about vitamin d levels being linked to severity of covet but the stories are out there the medical reports are out there but

It’s not in mainstream news so you cannot rest on your laurels and get comfortable that’s very important you have to remember that all right and one last thing i want to say and then i’m just gonna i’m gonna shut this off just just the thought mandatory and voluntary are two different things if you want to get the vaccine that’s one thing but if you have to get

Vaccinated for a job that in the past did not require vaccines that could be a whole nother ball game for some people now some people don’t mind but there there’s a small segment of people out there i’ll say a small segment who are not happy about having to get a mandatory vaccine that they never wanted to get so this is the time for people like that you need to

Start looking into how to create your own income whether you’re starting your own business or learning how to create multiple streams of income and passive income that is going to be very important going forward because how do you know in a year or in eight months they’re gonna sell you need another booster shot and if you don’t get this booster shot you lose

Your job do you really want to get to the point where you if you don’t keep getting booster shots you lose your job what if it’s a job you don’t even like you know think about it so now’s the time for you to start working on getting multiple streams of income and passive income so you’re not out of the woods none of us are there’s still a lot more to this story

That hasn’t been told and i think that we gotta stay on our toes so i would love to know what you guys think how are you handling this are you okay with the mandatory vaccine do you think you’re safe i don’t think you’re safe i don’t think we’re safe here i don’t think out of the woods um because variants are still out there and as i said millions of people around

The world have they haven’t even gotten their first vaccine yet and those brands come out there they couldn’t they could evade um this fda approved vaccine and you right back where you started and no one wants to think about that but i’m a realist i’m a realist so the moral of the story focus on strengthening immune system do everything you can to be healthy get

Outside get that vitamin d eat healthy foods get your fruits and vegetables get exercise and last but certainly not least that job um it could be your worst enemy if you’re not careful so now’s the time for you to start getting multiple streams of income and passive income all right because you may get to the point it’s like well i don’t want this job anymore i

Can’t take this i’m not comfortable but you’re trapped you don’t want to be trapped and have no options multiple streams of income and passive income are the wave of the future because things are not clear yet we’re not in the woods so um i got courses on healthy eating i got courses on entrepreneurship and generating passive income i’ll put the links to those

Down at the end of this video as well but um take care of yourself do not think about the woods because we got a long way to go alright just a little heads up people alright take care peace

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Pfizer is FDA Approved! Proceed With Caution By Jeff White