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Nice to see you again how are you feeling a doctor as you know else diagnosed with hepatitis b i went to see the specialist yesterday and we were talked about my condition he has started me on a new medication court – no phobia he please explain to me how this drug works shop tonopah vera is an antiviral drug which belongs to the class known as nucleoside reverse

Transcriptase inhibitors nrt is tanaka ver is an a cyclic nucleotide phosphonate which is an analogue of adenosine 5 minor phosphate they inhibit the reverse transcriptase enzymes which are essential for the replication of a virus it is administered orally and there are two type of programs available for tanaka there they include tenofovir dyes approximate tdf and

Tenofovir alpha na my fear of fumarate taf which have commercially sold as virus and member died respectively so how does it work when tdf is only administered it is first hydrolyzed which in turn which turns it into tenofovir this jenniferbaer is phosphorylated in liver cells thereby converting it to tenofovir diphosphate this jenniferbaer diphosphate holds the

Activity of dna polymerase enzyme and is present in head heavy virus it holds the enzyme activity by competing with its natural substrate resulting in a termination of dna chain elongation this inhibits of replication of hep b virus in the liver cells therefore tdf stops the progression of the disease and improves the condition of the liver let me now pass it on

To scientist ara who will now explain to you about the clinical trials thank you dr. snell prepares to prescribe the treatment in adults and children older than 12 years studies have demonstrated that tonopah fare can be safely in chronic hepatitis b patients which has been proven in several clinical studies in a randomized controlled study conducted by heathcoat

At all to know the fair show to be more effective in patients with the inactive virus compared to the active form after year of therapy it was found that virus dna was undetectable in 76 percent of patients with active hep b 93 percent effective of patients with inactive hep b to know for fair use to treat chronic hepatitis b with decompensated liver disease has

Shown to improve the prognosis tonopah fir accomplishes this by decreasing the hpv viral load and antigen levels in patients clinical trials have shown that sonographer is effective in preventing mother to fetal transmission of hpv when administering drugs to pregnant mothers safety is an important factor tonopah fear is safeties in pregnancy as it is classified

As a category b drug more importantly it prevents hpv transmission lexa explore alternative drugs alternative drugs to to know for fair to treat heavy our lymphedema and cavern and interfering alpha all drugs are administered early with the exception of interferon alpha and advantage of these drugs and treating hep b is that the disease is less likely to develop

Resistance these drugs therefore are more effective in the long term treatment of hep b and are often the only treatment option for patients with further complications interferon alpha is a less common option as it is not as safe and produces less reliable responses taf and tdf are both effective in treating hep b aside from a few differences each of the different

Mechanisms of action plasma levels of tinnell for fear are higher than for tdf than taf because of the lower bioavailability taf is associated with few few side effects and it’s less toxic however tdf is still the recommended drug to treat hit hep b as it is more fit effective due to its higher bioavailability future directions include to know go through microbe

Aside and it is currently undergoing clinical trials let’s now discuss the social impact of the drug so never fear is a drug that has several impact on patients in a number of cases it has been observed that when turnover fur is administered the levels of very logical decay for evidence which means that the drug was effective in treating heavy and also was it it

Was successful in preventing the virus from replicating further the second clinical impact of this drug is resistance resistance to a drug is one of the most significant issues as high levels of resistance will very ineffective tonopah fear is a drug that can effectively prevent the patient from developing resistance to it and this can be seen in one study conducted

By lam taught at all where to novo fear was administered to a number of pizzas bins for approximately a hundred and forty four weeks and at the end of the treatment there were no signs of resistance back to you doctor thank you dr. tara so jenny do you know understand how the drug works yes doctor i do thank you you created using powtoon

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