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Pharmacognosy of Senna with microscopy

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Pharmacognosy of Senna with microscopy

Hello learners our you’re different i’m the king is enough karma cognizant we are mainly interested in the microscopic studies latinos case autumn bach ebizo wine saver cover currently you are interacting with different channels like zoom app google classroom you do genome your website et le channel and your number of platforms which are available online it has

Advantages and disadvantages its own ok so we’ll see through this video sena sena it is called sonam okey seein lucky but your indian sena and it is observed in the kinney valley distinctions it is called linearly sena so what it is it is a dried leaflet of plant cassia acoustic angustifolia which is indian senna and cassia equity folia which is alexandrian or

While cinema its families legume in oc it is observed in the south africa egypt then around nile river and in the sudan region in india it is observed in the thin abelian ramen and quran district of tamil nadu similarly somaliland sindh punjab the region also has occurrence of this plant the cultivation is done with the help of seeds for that it requires well

Plug leaven rich clades immigrate a heated land the cultivation that is done by the broadcasting method or song is done in the rose 30 centimeter apart first showing that is done in the february or march and then second in rainy season in july crop is ready after two months for first plucking or collection or whiskey bath no collection of that teen monica by the

Time alexander in sahaja yoga widely a time while were right hedge and else a collectathon then we’ll see the macroscopic the indian sina and alexandria cena they are differentiated on different parameters or characteristics appearance indian sena it has generally entire less broken and it is in the good condition but is a wide variety with the alexandrian signal

That is broken or brittle in nature the size of indian cinema it is 2.5 to 5 centimeters long and 7 to 9 millimeter wide both short a path everything up key fingers kidney and around similar size jota looks khop to 0.4 centimeters long and 6 to 12 mm wide shape jonathan indian cynical lanceolate alexandrian oh wait lanceolate shippo time epochs juju hota hai acute

Budahas donna me licking it is more that is more sharper in the alexandrian and less sharp or less acute in the indian singer margin is entire in both cases it is flat in indian sinner and while in alexandrian it is curved base it is less a symmetrical and similar is the case with the alexandrian similar veins are a venetian is pin it in both cases okay surface it

Is transverse oblique impressions that are observed and it is less pubescent in the indian sinner sometimes it is hearing while in case of alexandra xena surfaces transfers oblique impressions and it is more pubescent as compared to the indian signal texture it is flexible and less brittle indian cinema while while variety is more brittle it gives is faint odor the

Color of indian sin eyes light green and alexandria sigma that is light grayish in color both have bitter musa laziness test when eyelid isolate number straw metal index and palisade ratio it is commonly used to differentiate them it is between nine to nineteen to twenty two point five for indian variety and four alexandrine it is twenty five to twenty nine point

Five stomatal index is fourteen point fourteen to twenty-four indian variety for alexandrine it is 10 to 15 four to twelve pence odd ratio is observed in indian sign on file for 0.5 to 18 it is observed in the alexandrian so what is fine isolate numbers to metal index and palisade ratio find out answers for these and write in the comment box ok or write in your

Notebook and we’ll continue our discussion so we’ll come to microscopic features of the sena it starts from the upper epidermis you can see here the upper epidermis and low similarly there is a lower epidermis the leaf is called iso bilateral leaf because we can divide that into two parts equally from upper epidermis if we start you see polygonal cells below the

Upper epidermis similarly you find the covering trichomes on upper as well as lower epidermis and these are unicellular covering trichomes only then the palisade ratio sorry palisade layer that you can observe below that this is palisade the elongated tubular kind of cells that you see continuously in the upper epidermal region okay while in the lower epidermis

In the midriff region the instead of palisade cells there is colon kaymer the palisade is observed in the only lamina portion this one and this one the intermediate region that contains parenchymal cells in that we observe spira fights that is the calcium oxalate crystals are there similarly this clarion came at a sheath crystal sheath is observed in the midrib

Region the phloem and xylem vascular bundles are at the center okay so that is the microscopic features of the sena if you have any doubts you can comment me i will answer to your queries next the chemical constraints there are four major chemical constants sign aside a genocide be say no side c and d okay based on the aglycone of sentinel sites that send a team

A and beam there e and b single side while hetro diane throne that is loa modine and rahim that can be obtained after hydrolysis of c and e say no sides similarly it contains pearl meeting a rohini enthroned loa moline cry so final mo dean and similarly musil h that is present in the impedance epidermis region which we can observe with the ruthenium red meeting

Use reddish color to the meuse image the senna side abcd these are structural isomers you can see their structures the our group if it is replaced with the particular chemical moiety then you will get sinusoid abcd next is the chemical test for anthraquinone glycoside that is born tiger test that we have already covered but will again see that with the animation

Directly in that we require is in a powder and dilute asean the mixture of that that is taken we are to boil that for 10 minutes after that we have to do filtration after filtration we are to extract the filtrate the filtrate is extracted with the organic solvent like ccl 4 or benzene then we are to add ammonia solution and shake it okay after shaking we will get

Pink or reddish color and then we can conclude that it is sin the users will see senna it is used as laxative majorly it causes irritation of large intestine with the gripping effect so karma natives are commonly prescribed with the xenon xena has catalytic stimulant means there is large eva larger evacuation of bubble that is carried out so along with that watery

Secretions will come through the fecal matter it exerts the action by increasing tone of smooth muscles of larger intestine okay so that is all about senna thank you

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Pharmacognosy of Senna with microscopy By Dr Dipak