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Pharmacology 220 a Drugs Treating Bronchial Asthma Classification Classify Methylxanthines Steroid

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In this video we want to look at the drugs for bronchial asthma so classification you should know drugs for bronchial asthma the first classification and the first group you have bronchodilators bronchodilators what an awl will dilate the bronchus something which is more sympathetic right or anticholinergic correct and you have me x and x now sympathy dome sympathetic

Me tattoos and better sympathomimetic salbutamol salbutamol terbutaline remember here it is beta 2 i need you to focus on this beta 2 then you have the methods and things like your fill fill in your fill in okay just thought that i have seen tablets which have salbutamol and theophylline as a combination okay so you can remember salbutamol or salbutamol terbutaline i

Always go with the spelling like i told you salbutamol terbutaline me tiles on times t of finland finland ll anticholinergics you have it pratt opium bromide and tiotropium bromide okay moving on to the second category you have leukotriene antagonists okay that will be montelukast is a fear lucas okay so montelukast fu lucas where will you give to treat asthma marcel

Stabilizers like mast mast cell stabilizers like sodium khromov like it he taught a fin okay sodium chromo like it and keto diffent what are these – they’re mast mast cell stabilizers used for asthma treatment going on to corticosteroids corticosteroids also they will reduce inflammation correct so you can use systemic corticosteroids or inhalational corticosteroids

Systemic will be hydrocortisone prednisolone okay but they increase the infection so you should be very careful okay about giving these inhalational you have big low methos on blue dye propionate and beauty so night so you have to remember the to at least or whatever you feel like you remember okay we are telling you something’s here piccolo methos own die propio

Need and there is one more few fluticasone propionate here it’s propionate and wicklow metazoans die propionate okay metal amethyst on drive die propionate fluticasone propionate budesonide medicinal actually it was very common and it is safe and pregnancy also okay so it is used as an inhalation in the bronco to treat bronchial asthma but its own and if you want

You can write remember it is used for treatment of asthma then coming last to ige antibodies and tig antibodies you have for me oh miley zoom ab i have split the word so that you can write the spelling correctly oh miley zoom ab okay oh molly zoom ab what is oh molly is who bab think suddenly and say there’s a zed the waters it o’malley zuma it is an anti ige

Antibody okay ige antibodies will be there no for that it is an t so it is an anti ig e and t body okay it’s an nt ige antibody because ige antibodies are coming in hypersensitivity type one correct so you’re giving to suppress those ij antibodies you’re giving o’malley zoom ab o’malley zubin can you remember and revise all these and tell me once you drugs for

Bronchial asthma are bronchodilators you have beta to sympathomimetic s– then you example a salbutamol terbutaline then you owe me times an x example t of philly philly to your filing then you have the third category and the bronchodilators are the anticholinergics example a proper opium bromide and tiotropium bromide then coming to the second category you have

The leukotriene and doug honest so you have the montelukast and zafira you cast then you have the mast cell stabilizers like the sodium chromic like it and keto to fin then you have the corticosteroids systemic corticosteroids like hydrocortisone prednisolone etc inhalational corticosteroids you have buddhist tonight good day so night then you have the deck climate

Ozone die drop your need and the fluticasone crop you need and then you have the an tig antibody that is the o’malley zoom ab so nice right o’malley zoom ab fine so i think that’s all for now in the classification for of drugs for bronchial asthma see you bye bye

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Pharmacology 220 a Drugs Treating Bronchial Asthma Classification Classify Methylxanthines Steroid By MBBS VPASS