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Pharmacology 322 a Oral OCP Pills Types 1

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For in contraceptives this is an important question for you basically the classification in types has been asked many times so let us look into these it is very easy don’t worry the first thing you have to know here is combined combined fills faced bins post-coital pills lily things just for classifications you should four categories you should know on the

Oral contraceptives what do you mean by combined we are assuming here you know what contraceptives are basically to prevent unwanted pregnancy right is that here you can just put an introduction there combined pills be sitting combined pills means it contains estrogen and progesterone and fix those so let me just write it clearly for you combined means it

Contains estrogen and progestin in fixed dose right it come back has estrogen and progestin in fixed dose what else you should know what exactly both of them do they both sinner tries to inhibit ovulation they both synergize to inhibit ovulation progestin especially to just in look at the spelling help you just in especially ensures smooth i’m sorry and shows

Prompt bleeding at the end of the cycle fine what else you should tell your important things you should say one tablet a day okay for 21 days see here one tablet a day for 21 days why is it important here to know because as you can see here in the diagram 21 is here 7 7 7 21 correct so for 21 days you’re giving hormones on for the remaining 7 days when there is

Menstruation they are just giving iron ok you can as will not take these also it’s fine but these they have to take ok so what you should know your estrogen and progestin both combined – they come together to inhibit ovulation so this didn’t ensures prompt bleeding at the end of the cycle why is that important this progestin what it does is it ensures that there

Is menstruation and not no further development of endometrium so it prevents endometrium carcinoma endometrial carcinoma it prevents which can be caused due to a stiff one thing you should understand here it is we are mostly referring to female contraceptives okay i’m just thinking how exactly to cover the brand names or things for you let me try see i think

Personally i think that this two examples should be enough see progestin you will get more justin or levonorgestrel estrogen will be its high nil with high ethanol ethanol estradiol ethinyl estradiol okay we always give importance to spelling remember ethinyl estradiol so here we had taken two examples malady and overall okay only two there are so many in your

Textbook you can look at them basically i’m just trying to show you the composition it will be extra 10 plus for a progestin plus estrogen if it is not justin you can give a little more 0.3 mg if i will it thinner it kaylynn estradiol has to be around 30 micro gram this comes in the trade name of malady lebanon gestural it thin in estradiol 0.25 mg and ethinyl

Estradiol 50 microgram here that trade name will be over on okay this much if you remember it’s enough for combined pills okay we have covered combined pills right oral contraceptive can be there for men also okay but you just remember this is a choice available to females that’s what we are covering choice available – femi let’s move on to faced actually faced

See combined whatever we discussed now no that’s nothing but monoface only okay

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Pharmacology 322 a Oral OCP Pills Types 1 By MBBS VPASS