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Pharmacology 401 i NSAIDs 9 Ibuprofen, IndoMethacin

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There are many drugs in this group we can know some benefits of each one okay now we have seen aspirin now look at the next things that we have the aspirin was what salicylic acid derivative it was non-selective cox inhibitor similarly there are many non-selective cox inhibitors let us look at this one propionic acid derivatives here you have ibuprofen naproxen floor

Be pro friend what you have to focus on here is all of them have pro pro pro in the name like propionic acid right ibuprofen naproxen floor be pro fan okay most of these are oral ibuprofen is actually it is better to all rated than aspirin that’s very widely used and it can be used in children it does not cause a rise syndrome naproxen it is also anti-inflammatory you

Can write all those general things and it is in rheumatoid arthritis they seem to be preferring naproxen okay plan floor be proof in it is used in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis again an ocular inflammation also you can use fine if you can remember you can remember then coming to the other group that is phenomics acid derivative phenom ik as a derivative

So easy me phenom ik acid what does me phenom occurs it quite easy to remember actually fit me phenom ii acid derivative it has analysis a can t pirate they can weak anti-inflammatory effect it is used in this manner iya or osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis just remember if a person is complaining of period spin you can give them me phenom ik acid okay now

Coming to the next category you have the acidic acid derivatives as to captive derivate isquite or au lac and indomethacin please remember this keto acetic ketone acetic acid ketorolac indomethacin this is very important indomethacin is very important it has been asked for you in short notes so please remember indomethacin note it has extra mechanism extra you

Extra side effects indomethacin has extra mechanism extra uses extra side effects okay it can be given orally via eye drops or suppository what a suppository so basically suppose it trees are solid dosage phones that are inserted into rectum so you can give indomethacin via the rectal route it can be you’re given oral route eyedrops and suppose data tea okay dose

Ages 50 milligram if you want to remember you can remember coming to the uses known it’s a non-selective cox inhibitor obviously and it’s an acetic acid derivative it has potent anti-inflammatory effect see i’m just going to put it this way the users and the side effects users mainly kinda medicine so you can write all the other uses of nsaids but mainly when it

Comes to in the medicine you have to write these points it’s a potent anti-inflammatory drug it inhibits the migration of neutrophils to in inflamed area what is it inhibiting in the omitting key more taxes correct its inhibiting chemotaxis it is very good in spondylitis gout and psoriatic arthritis you can use to treat these hotel are you using against you using

It again spondylitis gout you can use and psoriatic arthritis okay let me tell you what each of this is okay so we have found what these are ankylosing spondylitis is actually something tosa spondylitis is going to be a spy in okay it’s affecting your spine in any large joint so this is called as ankylosing spondylitis it is also called as big tear loose disease

Just remember bacteria bacterial disease okay gout also you can use indomethacin and psoriatic arthritis it’s a type of arthritis that affects people who have psoriasis now what is sorry a success skin disease what causes it any infection or sunburn also can cause psoriasis okay so these are the uses specific uses of indomethacin which is an acetic acid derivative

Now coming to the side effects of indomethacin you have to write these prominent side effects are the gi side effects because the homeostasis is affected then cns the central nervous system is affected which is really bad right so indomethacin can cause headache confusion hallucinations not at all nice and it is contraindicated in patients with epilepsy and any

Side captrick patients because definitely it is going to increase the confusion and hallucinations and drivers because it can cause again headache and not such things okay so till now what and all we saw do you remember are you forward already let me revise it for you till now whatever we have done we saw ibuprofen better tolerated in children naproxen do matter

Arthritis floor be pro friend then my fan namek acid that astronomic acid derivative we can use in this malaria ketorolac and i know medicine which are acetic acid derivatives okay now let us move on to fire oxy cam it is an enol ik acid derivative it is also having anti-inflammatory effect you can all always you can write overall and topical gel for most of these

It is long-acting which is a long-acting you can say this one hi roxie cam fine then it is in a peptic ulcer will be the side effects you can write for almost everything but remember we saw lithium toxicity causes lithium toxicity remember that’s why you should not

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Pharmacology 401 i NSAIDs 9 Ibuprofen, IndoMethacin By MBBS VPASS