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Pharmacology -II Lab _ BPT-593_Lecture-1_Sakshar Saha

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Hello everybody myself saksha shaha i’m an assistant professor from the department of pharmaceutical technology gis university today i’m going to talk about the topic of study of anti-inflammatory effects of drugs using rat for edema method this is a topic from b from fifth semester of the subject pharmacology 2 laboratory and this subject is having a subject

Code bpt 593 so this is the lab we are going to discuss the theoretical part i am going to discuss and then later on if we uh have the possibility we can perform that in our laboratory and show you how we can actually perform all these laboratory pharmacological experiments in reality so let’s see what we have today hello everybody so the lab we are going to

Perform today is study of anti-inflammatory effect using a drug by using a specific method that is called poor edema method in the biological system which is rat so we’ll be using rap today and the method we’re gonna uh perform we’re gonna utilize rather that is for edema method and we are going to study the effect of a particular drug that that particular drug

Is having whether anti-inflammatory effect or not so that means the drug whether the drug is having a power or potency or effect that it can reduce the inflammation or not now before moving on to the uh detailed uh you know description detailed discussion about this method we first need to know what is inflammation so that is one of the important thing because if

You don’t know inflammation then it will be very difficult for you to understand so inflammation means inflammation has it is a symptoms of your body it has five specific characteristics if you have that five specific characteristic in a particular region of your body then you can see that this portion of my body is inflamed what is that first is redness heat

Pain loss of function and swelling so swelling heat pain loss of function and redness if any part of your body has this five uh effect or five symptoms then you only can say that your body the part of your that body is suffering from inflammation okay so the drug which is having an anti-inflammatory property which relieves your body from this five signs heat

Redness pain uh loss of function like it revives the function and the um you know your swelling so the now we will be seeing that the drug of our intel the drug the drug we are going to use today whether that drug is having anti-inflammatory property or not so what we will do whenever you are doing any kind of animal experimentation you have to what generally is

Being done that we have to develop artificially the disease that means here we have to develop the inflammation in the animal so that is edema edema means a formation of a lump in your body okay so that means the swelling basically edema resembles a swelling right if any part of your body gets swelled up then you can see that there is a formation of edema so

What we will do the fall that means the you know the lead portion the palm of the rat will be swelled up and we will use our drug to reduce that this is our motto so what we are going to do we will be using a particular drug which induce the swelling which will develop the swelling and another drug will be using which will help to reduce the swelling so for that

What we are going to do we are going to take animals that is albino rat we are going to take albino rat that should be having 150 to 200 gram and it will be of any gender either male or female okay and it will be fasted overnight okay then the next portion is drug we will be taking the consideration for this experiment we are having two drugs one is indomethacin

I-n-d-o-m-e-t-h-a-c-i-n-indomethacin or it is sometimes being called endometacin m-e-t-a-c-i-n both are same endometriosis is a classification of nsaid nss okay non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug right so it is a kind of a non-steroid it’s a type of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug it reduce the inflammation in the name it is having already anti-inflammatory

Drug so it reduces the inflammation how by inhibiting the pathway of production of prostaglandin so if we have this drug the prostaglandin synthesis or production in your body will be less how because it blocks uh it stops the pathway or it slows down the pathway of cox co x that is cyclo oxygenase pathway cyclooxyzines is an enzyme which helps which is a major

Enzyme which plays an important role to um in the production of prostaglandin so it blocks that and due to the due to having high level of prostaglandin inflammation occurs so if the prostaglandin level in your body reduces the inflammation will automatically reduce so this is the mechanism of action of endometriosis another thing we are using that is kara jinan

C-a-r-r-a-g-double e-n-a-n carrageenan is a uh is a substance which is obtained this is a basically it’s a mixture of polysaccharide which can be obtained by uh by seaweed okay by a seaweed which uh basically which is color like a red or purple the seaweeds used to be like red or purple and from that it can be obtained carrageenan it is a mixture of polysaccharide

In the overdose of keratin the inflammation occurs edema occurs because keratin is a substance which in the food industry in the food products generally being used as a thickening purpose so it basically helps to thicken up the food but that means it has a tendency to build up or retain the fluids so whenever in an overdose it is being given to the animal body

It is causing this swelling or inflammation so this is the whole method like we will be developing the swelling and we will be seeing whether our drug indomethacin has its anti-inflammatory effect or not so what we will do first okay uh this apparatus i’m coming so this is the platysma graph p l e t h y s m o e plathismometer is a apparatus which actually helps

In uh in measurement of volume body volume whole body volume or any part of the body’s volume okay it is for volume measurement so what we are going to do just like the other experiments animal experiments we will be having two groups we can have three or four but minimum two groups will be there one is control group and another is test group will be having to

Group control and test so control means if it will only be given the solvent the solvent at which the drug indomethacin will be dissolved and the test means indomethacin the drug will be given okay so what what will be the concentration the indomethacin will be given as per the body weight of the rat 120 mg per kg and the carotenone the concentration will be

Same for all mines all rat that is one percent w by v right that is one drop from carrageenan in 100 ml of the solvent whatever the solvent is okay and it will be given 0.1 ml the injection will be parented root will be using so what we will do firstly we will and we will be using uh the fasted um rat who are overnight doing the overnight fasting so firstly

Before starting the experiment we will take the we will check the volume of paw of each of the group of each animal each round we are we have measured the power volume and we have noted down next what we will do sorry we will uh put the saline solution okay the solvent solvent if we are taking saline or pbs to the group one to the group one that is the control

Group we are putting the solvent solution and in the both power both for we are putting the solvent in case of test the same at the same time the group two we are giving the indomethacin in the both pore okay so group one will be given with a saline solution and group two is given with the test drug solution that is the hindu medicine after giving after 30 minutes

Okay after 30 minutes after 30 minutes what we are gonna do we will be giving the kara jana because carrageenan is a inflammation inducing agent will be giving the kara janan to the left paw of each group i am repeating carrageenan that the inflammation inducing solution will be given to the left paw of each of the group left paw of each group carrageenan

Carrageenan we are giving the left paw of each of the group once it is done we will be measuring the volume of power in different time interval and what are the time interval the time interval is 0 15 30 and 60 minutes this is the time interval where we are going to check the power volume of each of the group of each of the leg and each of the paw okay so per

Time we’ll be getting four volume because each of the group is having two volume why one is of left paw another one is of right paw right so both are group at a time will be having four volume left right left right so zero minute zero minute means the moment we have put the carrageenan solution if it is like six p.m it is 6 p.m then 6 15 then 6 30 and then 7 p.m

We will be checking the um we’ll be taking the those um what do you call it the poor volume okay and then we will compare how much volume or how much volume has been reduced or has been developed in case of the control group and in case of the test drug into medicine group and there is a formula which is called the percentage inhibition now percentage inhibition

Means that how much percentage of uh your inflammation how much percentage of your inflammation have been inhibited by your drug that is that you need to calculate so percentage sorry inhibition is equal to mean of test mean means the mean volume of the poor volume mean of power volume mean of test by mean of control okay into 100 i’m just writing 100 here in

This side because there is no space 100 into mean of test by mean of control okay this is the formula of percentage inhibition for this particular experiment like how much percentage of inflammation has been inhibited has been stopped or prevented by your drug that is inga methodism so this is the experiment you need to do in vivo in your experimental pharmacology

Lab i hope you have understood what i try to imply if there is any confusion we can discuss that in the class and before that i’ll request all of you to go through the video well so that you can understand the phenomenon quite well okay thank you so much

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Pharmacology -II Lab _ BPT-593_Lecture-1_Sakshar Saha By JISU-PHARMA