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Pharmacology – Penicillin & Cephalosporins Antibiotics nursing RN PN NCLEX

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Hey guys nurse mike here and welcome to simple nursing calm before we get today’s lecture started please remember click here to check out our brand new app based nclex product loaded with the highest quality and click style practice questions and complete with detailed video rationales that break down the question for you so finally master all those darn select

All that apply questions plus all our nclex memberships come included with our entire library of over a thousand videos and study guides and cheat sheets come see why over a hundred thousand students have trusted their future to simple nursing calm click here to get started for free spectrum antibiotics are sillens and spore ins guys the mechanism action is that

It weakens or destroys the bacterial cell wall causing lysis or death so for penicillin they end in silico moxa sila nor ampicillin and even pet priscilla n– and tazo bactin which is kind of the outliner there now cephalosporins start with sef like cefalexin brand-name catholics and cefazolin and even ceftriaxone the brand name rocephin now both are considered

Pregnancy safe and breastfeeding safe but there are some specific differences for example penicillin causes accidental pregnancy since it bumps the pill again guys the key words here are oral contraceptives are ineffective and use additional contraceptive like a i u d and c for sex can cause c diff guys they do not treat it now this was a common test question on

Hesse and a ti asking for the treatment of c diff no no no guys sefs do not treat c diff so the key point and memory trick here are the three c’s c for cross sensitivity or allergy to both sefs and sillens guys the key point is checking the allergy before giving either since these drugs are structurally and chemically similar sefs and sillens they can’t be mixed

And an allergy to one usually means an allergy to the other now you can mix nearly every other antibiotic except sefs and sillens and 40% of students usually get that wrong on example so common nclex terms are anaphylaxis reaction between sillens and sefs guys the nurse should always clarify the prescription and always request a new medication now anaphylaxis occurs

More with penicillin than any other drug and since allergies can range from mild to severe guys the key point during a reaction write this down stop or hold the medication then assess the type of reaction and all always listen to the lungs or auscultate the lungs lastly epinephrine prepared to administer we’re always assessing for the type of reaction first comment

On the nclex and exit exams we do this before calling the doctor or hcp and before calling pharmacy guys assessment always comes first and then intervention seconds now as far as administration with sillens the key terms here are we take with food if gi is upset so nausea vomiting and diarrhea and we shake well before using it all we shaken it before we are taken

It use a correct measuring device doppler or oral syringe guys never a household spoon usually a common distractor there and lastly common side effects sefs we usually get diarrhea but commonly antibiotics cause diarrhea anyways and sillens big key word here is bleeding so we monitor the platelet count watching for our full video and new quiz bank click right up

Here to access your free trial and please consider subscribing to our youtube channel last but not least a big thanks to our team of experts helping us make these great videos alright guys see you next time

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Pharmacology – Penicillin & Cephalosporins Antibiotics nursing RN PN NCLEX By Simple Nursing