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Pharmacy Technician | Brands and Generics | 121-140

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Play an essential role in patient care. Learn Pharmacy Technician skills.

Hey you guys welcome to my channel i’m pharmacy tech love this is where you learn everything that you need to know about how to be a pharmacy technician hey welcome back to my channel i’m pharmacy tech love if this is your first time visiting my channel welcome to my channel and make sure you subscribe if you don’t know how to subscribe it’ll be to your

Right right over here so make sure you hit subscribe and then hit the little top bell that has the quotation marks as i said i’m pharmacy tech love um i mainly teach pharmacy or future pharmacy technicians how to become certified i teach pharmacy technicians that are already in the field just how to maintain their certification or just how to be a great pharmacy

Technician but today i am teaching individuals uh it could be future pharmacy technicians it could be anyone that’s in the healthcare field today i’m going over the brands and the and the generics i’m trying to actually go over all of the brands engineers the top 200 brands in generics so right now i’m on 121 through 140 and i’m trying to get to 200 just to teach

Individuals what they need to know about brands and generics what they’re used for and just hopefully they can remember them by watching my videos if you are an aspiring pharmacy technicians i have partnered with a company named pharmacy tech lessons i’ve been with them right now probably two years and i’ve geared a lot of individuals that are wanting to become

A pharmacy technician to their platform the only thing that you need in order to become certified is what the want to want this and also a laptop and internet service so if this is something that you are wanting to do make sure you either look in the comments or you can look in the description and i will have the link there waiting for you you can always click

It just to take a look and see if it’s for you this program lasts two months that’s all it is two months in order to become a certified pharmacy technician and right now pharmacy technicians have a lot of certifications that we can achieve if you want to become an advanced certified pharmacy technician you can actually do that now when i first started this was

Not available but it is now and remember being a pharmacy technician is not just a job it is a career okay we’re going to be discussing brands in generics 121 through 140. if you are interested in viewing a different platform that’s going to show you the branson generics i would love for you to visit denali you can use my promo code pharmacy tech love

The platform is 19.99 but using my discount code they will give you a 15 discount it’s almost like playing a video games flash cards there’s sick codes there’s a little bit of everything on that website so if you’re interested go check it out let’s get right into this we’re gonna have four parts to this video so let’s get into the first part so let’s work on our

Brands and our generics so our brands are going to be on the left hand side and our generics of that medication is going to be on the right hand side okay our first medication is going to be anti-avert oh my gosh that just reminded me i need to call my i need to text my neighbor he’s been feeling a little woozy and i told him about this medication all right

The generic medication of antivert is going to be meclazine and this is for anti vertigo so make sure you look that up if you’re not sure what that is okay the next one is going to be buspar the generic name for abuse bar is busparone busparone this medication is used for anti-anxiety all right the next one is going to be carbosim cardazem the generic name for

Carnism is dill tiazim diltiazim this medication is used for an antihypertensive which is used excuse me which will which is used for high blood pressure okay i was just going to tell you what it’s a hype antihypertensive men okay the next one is going to be cardura cardura the generic name for cordura is doxazosin doxazosin all right that medication is used to

Reduce enlarged prostate that is what that is used for and the last one in this section is going to be depakote deficot i gotta find me a good movie to watch tonight the generic name for depakote is dival pro x dival pro this medication is used as an anti-convolucent make sure you write those down what those are used for i’m only writing the brands and the

Generics of those medications and i’m also verbally calling out what they’re used for so make sure you write that part down okay let’s go into the second section of this video all right let’s get into the second section of this the first one we’re going to start out with is detroit detroit the generic name for detroit is totaridine tolterradine this medication

Is used for urinary anti-spasmodic to help you to stop going to the restroom as much i’m sure you’ve seen this commercial where the little bladder is running around um and that’s what this is that’s what this is used for the next one is going to be furidantin furidantin the generic name for this medication is going to be nitrofurantoine nitrofuran all right

This medication is used as an antibiotic the next one is going to be hyzaar hyzar the generic name for hyzer is losartan and hctz which is hydrochlorothiazide so this is going to be a hypertensive drug and it’s also going to have a diuretic attached to it okay so the brand name is hyzaar the generic name is losartan nhctz so it has a combination of two ingredients

In there the next one is going to be enderol enderol the generic name for enderol is propranolol all right and this is also going to be an antihypertensive drug make sure you look at my suffix video this will help you out a lot if you cannot remember what these drugs are on your test or whatever you’re testing for and you just happen to see this that will help

You out if you know the suffix all right the last one in this section is called januvia januvia the generic name for this one is cytoglyptin cytoglyptin really strange name this one is going to be an anti-diabetic medication okay that’s what that’s going to be used for all right brand names over here generic names over here and i have called out what all of

These are used for let’s go to section number two let’s keep moving okay we are on section number three so that means that we are halfway done we have four sections to this so let’s move on to section number three we are going to start with lunesta oh this was an old commercial i don’t even know if they even make that commercial anymore remember that little

Butterfly that will fly around someone’s bedroom that’s what this that’s what this is for so can you can you think of of what that commercial represented and what that um what this medication is used for so the brand name is lunesta the generic name is s estopiclon that’s what i call it esophon this is a sleep aid this is if you have insomnia and this is a c4

Medication there’s a schedule for class for whatever you’d like to call it the next one is going to be nia span nia span the generic name for this one is niacin niacin and this is used for cholesterol lowering that’s what this medication is for all right the next one is going to be remember on remeron the generic name for remyron is martazapine murtazapine and

This medication is used as an anti-depressant that’s what this is used for an anti-depressant okay moving right along moving right along y’all paying attention y’all are listening y’all are looking come on now all right the next one is robitussin robitussin all right the generic name for robitussin is gua venison gua fenison hear that i gua fenison there it is

It’s in there this medication is used as an anti-mucus syrup anti-mucus syrup that’s what that is the next one in this section number three is suboxone suboxone the generic name for suboxone is buprenorphine buprenorphine let’s see what this is used for even though i know but now i’m going to educate you and let you know this medication is an opioid recovery

And this is a class 3 medication or c3 medication all right you have all your brands here all your generics here and i’ll even put the schedules for you over here as well you can stop this video screenshot it that’s the easiest thing to do screenshot is study study this material all right let’s move on to part four well all right you have made it to part four so

That means you have made it through the entire video good for you let’s move on we’re going to start with topa max tulpa max the generic name for topo max is topiramate topiramate this medication is used as an anti-convolution let’s move forward the next one is going to be vivans the generic name for revive by vance is list dexamphetamine lis dex amphetamine

Let’s see if i spell that correctly and yes i did oh no it’s an f i was thinking it was a p but it has an f on here you guys fact checked me on that one because this just doesn’t look very okay let me start over here listex m mm all right this medication is used as for a adhd this is also a class two medication moving on to number three wellbutrin wellbutrin

The generic name for wellbutrin is bupropion buproprion bupropion i hate saying peon all right this is an anti-depressant medication all right we are getting close we are getting close the next one is going to be zelanten and the generic name for this one is lantana frost the easiest way to remember how this one is stored think of frost like in a refrigerator

Frost and frost and this is exactly where that’s going to be stored in the refrigerator all right and this is also for glaucoma and this is an ophthalmic medication and ophthalmic means for the eye and like i said it’s for glaucoma all right the last one is zova rags and the generic name for zogorax is a cyclovir does anyone remember what i told you about that

Vir the suffix on that and what that means that means that that is an anti-viral medication and that’s exactly what that is all right you guys you have made it through another video thank you for watching my videos make sure you share this with a friend who’s in school for nursing um cna crna a doctor whoever you want to share this to that’s in the healthcare

Field share these videos to them send them the link to my channel so they can watch these videos and educate themselves as well don’t be selfish all right y’all have a good night

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Pharmacy Technician | Brands and Generics | 121-140 By Pharmacy Tech Love