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Pheniramine Maleate 25mg tablet (Avil)| What is Pheniramine? | uses, side effects, mode of action

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Pheniramine maleate is an antihistamine medicine used to treat allergic condition. Pheniramine maleate tablet is available in different strength that are

Okay today i am going to discuss about finish ameen maleate that is the last antihistamine drug first of all we will feel the brand name the brand name is i will and then we will see the dosage form in which it is formulated so it is formulated in injection form as well as in tablet form but in some of the cases it can be formulated in the form of syrups then

Comes another thing that is a dose so mostly it is present in the in the form of for 25 milligrams but if you want to give it to the patient the patient can take it half twice a day or can take the full tablet of 25 milligram and enjoys a day okay and you can give 25 to 150 milligram of this dose once a day as well okay then comes the clinical uses clinical uses

Are these and you can see allergic rhinitis allergic rhinitis means it will cause a nasal cavity okay it will cause a nasal cavity or the nasal mucosal mucosal membrane to get affected to get affected from the allergen and in case of this kind of ecology we can use use the drug of anatomy meli yet okay maleate is actually a salt form of the senator mean okay then

Comes the motion sickness in motion sickness it does not mean only diarrhea okay include diarrhea include diarrhea it includes vomiting okay are it didn’t also include a headache as well okay so these are some of the things which are involved in the motion sickness and dawson comes angioedema angioedema and erotic area the are same thing and eczema this is also

The three things are same which one this one this one and this one we three are same how these are same due to the allergen other will tell you the mechanism of energy and then i will explain to you that how angioedema is caused how alta carya is caused and how eczema is caused okay vertigo is a state in which you feel the dizziness okay and then i will tell let

Me tell you about eczema eczema is the bulging bulging of skin okay and conduct is kind of type vitus this is the inflammation of the conjunctiva of eye okay due to which you may see your eyes bulging our attic area if the red bumps you see on the body that cracks itchiness will be there and your dimma means swelling of the skin i will discuss these things later

Next we have the contraindications in case of the prostatic hypertrophy or in case of the benign prostate gland tumor you have not to use chlorpheniramine maleate okay then we have the hypersensitivity if you are hypersensitive to the senior mean meli it then you cannot use it then comes pregnancy so in pregnancy if the condition becomes very severe then you can

Go for the further drug otherwise you have to prevent yourself from pheniramine barrier in lactation as well in there same concern of the pregnancy okay then come side effects here i will explain in detail hypothermia is simple rigid there is an allergen against that we have introduced and brock sandra mean smelly eight and it may displace a set point from 37 to

Upper temperature hallucination why it if it is attractive against it is effective and it causes the hallucination let me tell you that at you one receptor be for these receptors are present in heart v the receptor present in the cns these receptors are present in the eye these receptors are present in the gi t these receptors are present again in the cns near the

Receptors are present in the mouth in the skin and do you accept our game present in the cns okay so in scheme in scheme in heart everywhere throughout the body we have the h 1 receptors okay and if the h 1 receptors are present in the fiona’s you will get hallucination okay because there will be no histamine effect so there will be blockage of the h1 receptor in the

Cns so what will happen a mp will not travel okay it will cause a hallucination it will cause or tremors okay it’ll cause the nervous miss merrow best messiness and nervousness that is a true dummy okay these are the three points which are associated with the cns now if i talk about the blurred vision you have studied that pinata of eye okay can your timeout of i

So as wound receptors are also present in the eye it affects the eye as well you will not be able to see the things clearly constipation as i have told you before that colors anniversary pheniramine mary it is used to stop the motion sickness in motion sickness we had one of the thickness known as a diarrhea okay so in order to stop diarrhea we use a pheniramine

Medicate and if we use if we go for the overdose then it will cause a constipation then we have dry mouth okay out of another thing out of all motion sicknesses we have one thing sweating so inspecting and in celebration we use phentermine drug so in case of the dry mouth we will use we we will not use a pheniramine we have to stop its usage then next we have

The more affection in more affection we will see h1 receptor antagonist okay first of all we have a legend okay it will come inside the body and then it will come inside the body we have muscles okay and it will attach to the muscles then muscle will release a ige bodies ige antibodies ige antibodies okay these ige antibodies will be released and release of ige

Antibodies will cause the release of histamines okay little bit early the histamine and when there is release of histamine it will go in the bronchioles and it will cause a construction of it it will go to the blood vessels and aphelion and it will cause a contraction of these endothelium and will cause more concave shape like that okay which will cause increase

In the fenestrations finishes the finished pieces and due to which the increased permeability of blood vessels and also there will be dilation of the blood vessel okay due to increased permeability will be plasma proteins which will enter into the layer between the skin and blood vessels so there would be a combination of the plasma proteins are anything that is

Present in the blood will be accommodation there due to this combination what will happen there will be ab there will be a bulging of the skin due to the presence of the substances due to which we will see different things okay so histamine has to bind with h1 receptor present on in the endothelial cells on the smooth cell smooth muscles in the bronchioles in the

In the heart and everywhere in the body so what will happen say for example it is h1 receptor here we have histamine and here we have the drop this histamine has to bind with the receptor h1 but it will not bind because of this process this is senator mean maleate okay this will bind to it will block this receptor and there will be no attachment of histamine to

The receptor this was a more affection of the pheniramine mediate and the rivet for the anti stamina drugs next we will start the class of opioids hope you will enjoy it

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Pheniramine Maleate 25mg tablet (Avil)| What is Pheniramine? | uses, side effects, mode of action By ZeD MEDS