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Phenytoin Commercial

Hi what brings you in today she needs some help all right i am back if you remember i’m the nurse that just completed your assessment and took all of your vital signs um so i’m back with your medication can you confirm your native name and date of birth for me 7 16 19 all right perfect so as the doctor mentioned we are going to get you started on a new

Medication that is going to help with your epilepsy um and help with preventing and treating that your seizures just prescribed you dilatinin dilatinin is the brand name for phenytoin okay so dilatin is used uh it’s an anti-epileptic drug it’s also known as an anti-convulsant and this medication is used to limit the spread of seizure activity and it’s also going

To help with the start of a new seizure it’s going to prevent that okay so it’s used to treat tonic clonic or psychomorph psycho cycle motor seizures status epileptics it’s also used to prevent and treat seizures occurring during or following neurosurgery so for you specifically this is going to be used for your epilepsy okay just going to get your bed raised

Up here so that you can take your medication so can you tell me how this medication works sure um so brain cells need to work at a certain rate to function normally during a seizure brain cells are forced to work much more rapidly all right um so phenytoin helps to prevent brain cells from working as fast as the seizure requires so basically what it’s doing

Is it’s going to slow everything down so that they’re not over working okay that makes sense thank you yeah of course so before i give you this medication i just want to go over some of the possible side effects so this drug may cause some gi issues like nausea vomiting abdominal pain loss of the appetite also some other symptoms that you may experience include

Bradycardia hypotension and tinnitus okay um i want you to let me know if you did start to develop any signs of rashes tremors or trouble breathing as these can be adverse side effects to this okay all right so i have this chewable tablet of dilatinum for you it’s 125 milligram tablet i don’t like type medication or tablet or something else so this drug is

Available as a chewable tablet an extended release tablet oral suspension or iv infusion whenever i’ve been to the hospital they’ve given me iv medication can i have iv today so what i can do is i can talk to your provider and i can see if there’s any possibilities um that we could switch how we’re going to administer the drug phenetoin iv is contraindicated for

Patients who have av or sa blocks so the provider will have to verify that that’s a safe form of administration for you um we don’t do rapid iv injection all right zamzam so i just want to follow up with you about your lab reports it came back and it shows that your therapeutic level for your seizure medication has gone up um so we want to keep the phenetoin levels

Between 10 to 20 milligrams per decimal liter and then right now your levels are at 23 milligrams per deciliter so i’m gonna call the doctor and let them know and see if we should stop the next dose or see what she wants us to do all right so before you go today i just want to go over some patient education with you i also have a packet that i’m going to give you

Explain everything i’m about to go over with you okay um so i want you to make sure that you’re taking your medication exactly as it’s prescribed so you’re gonna be taking three capsules daily and i want you to take it with breakfast lunch or dinner at your meal times you want to make sure that you’re taking them every day at the same time okay we don’t want

You to discontinue this drug abruptly or change any of your dosing so you’ll want to contact the provider if you have any questions about how often you need to take it or the amount you’re taking okay we want you to make sure that you’re maintaining good oral hygiene so regular brushing flossing to prevent gum disease and also arranging frequent dental checkups

Okay you’ll also want to arrange for frequent checkups for monitoring of your vital signs and your lab values while you’re taking this drug okay you’ll report any rash severe nausea vomiting drowsiness slurred speech impaired coordination swollen glands bleeding swollen or tender gums yellowish skin or yellowish discoloration of the skin or the eyes joint plane

Unexplained fever sore throat persistent headache any indication of infection or bleeding tendency all right and then while you’re on this drug we want to make sure that you’re avoiding any driving if you experience any symptoms of drowsiness dizziness confusion blurred vision okay alcohol will intensify these symptoms okay can you repeat back what i just

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Phenytoin By Colleen Grinnell