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phenytoin Dilantin

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phenytoin Dilantin

Hi our drug is phenytoin an anti-seizure medication with therapeutic classification is an entire rhythmic anticonvulsant ex pharmacologic classification is a heightened tone this mechanism of action is that at whim is to zero propagation or movement by altering ion transport it also shortens the action potential and increases automaticity as an anti-arrhythmic

It’s indications for use our treatment prevention of grand mal seizures and complex partial seizures the side effects are suicidal thoughts ataxia agranulocytes psychosis aplastic anemia stevens-johnson syndrome and gingival hyperplasia the patient teaching is that it take medications as directed at the same time each day take miss doses as soon as possible but

You have double doses avoid alcohol and cns depressants construct a chinon importance of maintaining good dental hygiene may cause joint struggling of or dizziness advised not to take phenytoin within two to three hours of antacids and instruct patients that behavioral changes in rash sore throat mouth ulcers t v– bruising petechia unusual bleeding abdominal

Pain pills tale stools darkmoon jaundice severe nausea vomit drowsiness slurred speech and unsteady gait to be reported to health care professional elite nursing implications are monitored closely for notable changes and behaviors that could indicate suicidal thoughts behavior or depression assess oral hygiene association for phenytoin hyper sensitivity syndrome

Observation for development of rash discontinued at the first sign of skin reaction assess mental status before and periodically during therapy assess seizure activity monitor blood pressure ecg and respiratory function during administration and monitor cbc’s serum calcium albumin and a paddock function twice prior to and mostly and then this is our press session

Or what you read and then we have a youtube video of how this annotation works and that some other seizure medication seizures are the clinical manifestation of a hyper excitable neuronal network driven by the flux of ions across the cell membrane actions of glutamate or inadequate inhibition by gamma-aminobutyric acid or gaba available antiepileptic drugs or aed

Generally act to enhance inhibitory processes for opposed excitatory processes ats effect humorous molecular targets and survived on multiple targets now control seizures many of the available atp or sodium channels voltage-gated sodium channels enter an inactive state following each action potential prolongation of this inactive state prevents iran’s from firing

Rapidly and is thought to be the principal mechanism of a team such as phenytoin carbamazepine and lamotrigine a potassium channel opener enhances transmembrane potassium currents by keeping these channels open longer this is believed to stabilize the resting membrane potential and reduce brain excitability calcium channels also represent ancient target low

Voltage calcium currents caused rhythmic spike and wave patterns of generalized absence seizures selphie brought these channels inhibiting slow depolarizations necessary to generate spike wavers blocking high-voltage calcium channels inhibits neurotransmitter release here 1hd binds to the synaptic vesicle protein sp2 a binding at this site may modulate synaptic

Transmission through alteration of vesicle fusion gaba is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and the gaba receptor is part of a chloride channel complex mechanisms enhancing gather pvat in addition our beliefs to include receptor agonist prevention of the breakdown of gather by inhibition of gather transaminase and decrease of reuptake of gaba both valproate and two

Purim a act through multiple targets such as advancing gaba inhibiting glutamate or altering the generation of patching potential by knowing the differences in moa among hd in particular their effect on neuronal activity we began to more fully understand the impact that can have on effective seizure control

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phenytoin Dilantin By Shannon Beyersdorf