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Phil on Fentanyl Crisis: They Are Going After Children

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Fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid, is plaguing the country and killing some of the most vulnerable people: children and young adults. Not only are counterfeit prescription pills routinely laced with Fentanyl, but so are street drugs like cocaine and marijuana, which is killing people in masses. Feliz shares the tragic story of losing her sister, Karina, to a mass fentanyl poisoning that killed her and four other adults. Also, John, a father, says he watched both his sons overdose in his home after taking what they thought was Oxycodone but instead was a counterfeit pill laced with fentanyl. One of his sons survived and shares what happened on that fatal night. (21028)

The sons of are targeting children they’re targeting children by making these look like little candies they’re targeting children there’s no two ways about it you all get that right that’s why they’re doing that they’re actually targeting children dr phil they also make it look like chalk you know chalk on the driveway so the kids get the colorful chalk and it

Turns out to be fentanyl derek says poisonings killing people of all classes and all races this isn’t just you know they’re not targeting college kids they’re not targeting people that are of one particular socioeconomic strata they’re after everybody right this is they’re targeting everybody anybody that can pick these up anywhere they can go but their number

One choice of audience is our teenagers young adults on social media platforms these drug dealers are harnessing the autonomy and not uh having any accountability their account gets canceled they open up another one there’s a foundation that has recorded 80 to 90 000 drug dealers online in the last two years eighty to ninety thousand drug dealers online okay with

Menus literal menus for kids do you want this and we’re not talking going down an alley a dark alley in the middle of the night they’re making home deliveries they’re meeting at the mall they’re being sent directly to them yeah feliz lost her sister to a mass fentanyl poisoning she was one of the five people who died after taking what they thought was cocaine but

Instead was cocaine laced with fentanyl uh felice thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me i am so very sorry for your loss i i just absolutely hate that uh for you tell me what happened my sister and a few of her friends went to dinner um they decided to go home and hang out with their friends have some drinks um they ended up getting what they

Thought was cocaine and um within a few minutes all of them were gone there were six of them there one person did survive they had no idea what they were doing they had no idea what they were taking and you know they thought they had cocaine and just a very small amount basically they you know they died right where they were here are some friends out to dinner uh

I don’t think they should be doing cocaine of course i don’t think it’s a good idea uh but it’s it’s not the end of the world but it was in this situation and why now felice says her sister was not an addict she had just had a baby she was not a habitual user and there were how many out together um there so they had gone to dinner with another couple my sister and

Her boyfriend um and then they had those four plus a couple other friends came over so a total of six people were at her apartment yeah and so think i want you to envision this evening they’re at dinner and then they decide that they’re going to do some cocaine and five of them instantly and this is not something that you can come in and you know call 9-1-1

And the paramedics get there and do something that can turn this around you know maybe but this is so potent that five of these people died all right there can you imagine them standing there looking at each other and one of them starts waving around and drops then another one then another one then another and what what the hell’s going on here and that’s it do

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Phil on Fentanyl Crisis: ‘They Are Going After Children’ By Dr. Phil