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Hey guys it’s me miranda so if you saw my last video you would know that i’ve been changing up my style quite significantly because i’m starting a new career as a hip-hop artist do you know the mumping man he lives on drawing lane rapper singer fashionista so i’m really excited about that but unfortunately i posted about my new bangs that i have cut like it

Looks good right but i have now pinned them back because i got a bunch of hates everyone was being rude and seeing that they did not look good and clearly it didn’t so they’re just being haters about it and i’m sick of that behavior but now i need to show them who’s boss and i need to show them that i do know what i’m doing and then i am sexy and that my new

Fashion sense is incredible so this is what i’m working with i’ll show you my fetching have you ever seen legs on this like a person ever seen like on person like this have you ever seen something so fashionable i’m even wearing socks in my crocs the whole thing and i even cut bangs that apparently was not enough so i thought i want big earrings i see a lot of

Famous people having big earrings on so i thought if i can do big earrings then people will take me more seriously but i’ve been trying to put them in and my hole is basically closed so i have to literally pierce my own ears so i’ll show you so i don’t have any bloody earrings i only have my mom’s ugly ones that i found so this is ugly but i will make it better

Don’t worry so here is my hole and look out it will not go through it literally just stops i am pushing hard like i’m pushing will not pierce this is not sharp enough so i think if i am able to pierce my own ear both of them then one i will be taken more seriously i’ll get more respect because i did it myself and that’s impressive but also i can wear big huge

Earrings and people will respect me more as they pop harness and as musician if i can be wearing expensive earrings so i was thinking that but also it’s a new skill i will learn if i know how to pierce ears then that’s a whole new skill that i can learn a new talent and i could open up an ear piercing store where you guys could come if you wanted so think about

Plants so yep it will just go straight in there but this one’s not working but first these are hideous earrings so i have to make them look better so let’s do that really quick okay so one thing that’s really popular in faction these days is fur i do have a cat because people do not like it when you use fur from dead animals they get really mad so i will not be

Using dead animal fur i’ll be using live animal farm so you simply just pet said animal until the fire floats off and then you save it pet it fur and i’m just saving the furs as i catch them hit it hard pokemon foreign for the release so falfa is in don’t actually do dead animals only real animals got my phone i’m just gonna stick the fire right onto the

Earring some tape stick it on like so there’s one so we just need to do that one pet it hurt for a little bit longer in there are you kidding okay i think i got it all all right so it’s time to pierce the ear now i obviously cannot be using this um i have scissors i have nail clippers and i think i have a thumb tank let me see that yes i have red and yellow

Thumbtack that i could be using so i don’t want to look in my freaking camera because i want to make sure that i know what i’m doing so i’m going to be using the mirror on my phone so i can see myself i feel like let’s first try with a scissor wait that’s really sharp so i gotta find where the hole was right there shut up nothing’s even happened to you what

If i start bleeding it’s going right in the hole shut up it’s not even happening to you what’s happening to me she’s so soapy how the heck it’s like not going through see look the hole’s getting a little bigger it’s not even working i’m gonna try these it’s like not the right size do i clip it could try the tank you want to make sure you sterilize what is

On that they have to be clean otherwise you can get an infant chain and trust me you do not want an infection in any hole so you find the hole shut up i’m not talking to you literally i’m not oh no it’s stuck it’s stuck like a halfway through what do i do it’s literally stuck in my ear i need to talk to a doctor it literally will come out it’s like literally

Stuck halfway i don’t know what to do i need to see if there’s a doctor who can help me okay i’m gonna go on my instagram and see if there’s any doctors hello literally i know that it’s late at night i’m sorry if i’m waking you up but i need to talk to a doctor are any of these people doctors on here michael alcohol said love the wrinkles it’s not wrinkles it’s

It’s spread chin lines and veins learn about it take a health class grace conscience said she’s doctor thank you grace so i have a big problem i’m freaking out everyone else oh mad selection said she’s a doctor lydia fay said she’s a doctor okay there’s a lot of doctors in here thank goodness everyone else can leave if you are not a doctor you do not have to

Watch this i only want to talk to doctors shut up my cat is like being so annoying she keeps like screaming at me but i’m the one freaking out why are you sweating i’m freaking out that’s why i’m sweating i’m freaking out please do not watch this live chat if you are not a doctor i only want to talk to doctors so basically i’m trying to like do something for

A video and then stop screaming my cat is being so annoying look do you see what i have to live with every day so anyways i made earrings look i’ve been making earrings and i want to put them in but my freaking holes closed up so i wanted to pierce my own ears and so i tried a bunch of things and nothing was working and then now i tried one and it freaking

Got stuck look can you see ah now i don’t know what to do because it’s stuck in my ear and it stings i feel like it’s gonna get in painting and it didn’t even get all the way through it’s like a halfway it’s dangling it’s not in all the way through and this isn’t even the earring i wanted i wanted the one that i made and instead i’m stuck with this and i

Don’t want to pull it out because i know i saw and there’s movies where if you get stabbed you’re not supposed to get out because then they bleed and die so i don’t want to rip it out and bleed but i don’t want this in my ear anymore so i need your help on doctors only my cat is literally eating her hair you’re not okay that’s what i thought like that’s what

I’m saying that’s why i need a freaking doctor grace said put hydrogen peroxide i don’t do drugs i don’t have drugs in my house i’m not doing any of that hydrocodone or whatever it’s called go to the fridge rip it out i can’t rip it out it’ll bleed today oh really stubborn underscore m said rip it out slowly put alcohol on it as if i have freaking alcohol in

My freaking house i read the bible unlike you clearly thou shall not drink alcohol and be drunk cut it off i was thinking that because i tried to pierce this ear with the scissors and it wouldn’t go through push it in more watch it literally will not go in i’m pushing look i’m pushing it and it literally went in more did you go through no it’s not through one

Rihanna marathon you might get cronus i know that’s why i need to talk to a freaking doctor sam said she’s scared for me right now i am too just help me get out put it in rice how can i reach rice into my ear so leah3 said she’ll tell me how do i get sounds put ice on it ice will freeze it there and then it’ll be stuck like that forever by the way i can’t even

See you so i don’t trust you trust me i’m an official doctor you’re an official doctor yes you don’t even know how to use an iphone camera yes i do oh well i don’t think that’s gonna work i’m not using ice i don’t like cool things so i don’t think you’re a doctor so basically she was lying bite it out i can’t reach it with my freaking teeth is there any doctors

It’s starting to itch you guys it’s limitless on teach madison like said she’s a doctor how do i get out you need to um wow are you a doctor yes because your lighting looks like you’re a tick-tocker well i am a dick donker i following you i’m like all your videos but how can you be a tick-tocker and a doctor because i’m so perfect how do i get this out grab the

Object nearest you okay tell her that she has to help you take it out but not hurting help me get out but do not hurt me now she’s not doing anything she’s a freaking brat i’m telling you look at her well it’s not your fault it’s her fault but keep doing tick tocks i’m trying to work harder can i take a screenshot of them okay perfect okay goodbye thank you so

Much i know okay literally no good doctors no offense to her okay i graduated from harvard with a degree in doctorism that’s what this person said girl let me put you on right now okay okay i am on what do you mean don’t look this is what you must do okay okay you get the ice cube right i don’t have any ice i have vaseline well that works no no that’s that’s not

The way to do it okay how do i do it okay so take your vaseline yes and chew it chew the vaseline yeah why is that gonna get out of my ear it will okay you’re the vaseline mm-hmm yeah not getting out my ears see it’s still in it how do i get this out just rip it out just rip it out i’m scared come on do it i got you i got you i’m scared i got you oh thank you

So much what’s your name my name is josh well thank goodness for you dr donch because now i am freed thank you very much doctor this is a free consultation or do i owe you anything i do not have yeah you don’t owe me you have to follow me okay i have to follow you yeah okay i’ll follow you thank you that’s pretty okay goodbye bye well thank goodness because i

Would have died um my ears still not pierced so can anyone tell me how to pierce my ear because i’ve been trying literally everything someone said a bad word literally i just saw a comment that said that edward i’m not kidding you you need jesus god hears everything he said and he’s ticked off with you he’s so disappointed i cannot believe you said that literally

That is disgusting like i’m not judging you but i think you’re disgusting we’re saying that but i’m not judging you but i will not tolerate that behavior so i’m leaving now you’re all being punished for the one person who said a bad blood think about what you did okay well finally there was a doctor who came on and taught me how to get this out of here but he did

Not help me to get my ears pierced so i think though i pushed it pretty good through see it’s very red and infecting so i think now it will fit through because i got it pretty infected on this line shut up kate ow ow ow look at that right stunning absolutely stunning where’s every second are you freaking me that’s gorge i’m not gonna do the other ear because

It hurt too bad so i’m only gonna be a one type earring girl but i already feel more hip-hop i already feel more rap i already feel more spectacular so there you go um i have officially pierced my own ear so if you guys like this video make sure to like it thumbs up in all things you

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