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PM Ejaculator or just average? Think Niacin.

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I will make this the last video on the subject for a short time unless otherwise requested.

Hi guys and gals as usual i don’t have notes in front of me but i do have these notes right here on the board and hopefully i can uh make this uh real quick and simple and this is probably to finish up on the other ones i think people are just too shy to to watch the other videos because you know things are still taboo which is uh crying shame actually with all

The things going on in the world with all the overpopulation and things like that to me nothing’s there are a few things more important than sexual health and reproductive health and stuff like that uh but on this the end of it that i’m going to talk about here again is having to do with the other two videos i just put out recently is premature ejaculation and just

Control in general i’m going to share a little experience of my own experience without getting into too many details because if i do that it’s just going to be about ego and this any other thing and i i don’t want to get involved in that i’d be happy to answer questions in a group or a message or something like that professionally but for now i just want to deal

With the guys that have the issues with um just feeling like they’re just not enough and we’re talking about intimacy here and especially when you talk about premature ejaculation as i told you in the other videos keep in mind that a woman in general only has the only the one type of orgasm which is a clitoral orgasm and that takes about 18 minutes on average

To get there and on average in the studies the average woman would like to have about a 25 minute session keep in mind that the average male healthy male ejaculates about five minutes after penetration and somebody with premature ejaculation is immediate to one one and a half minutes whatever um and uh you know that’s that leaves things pretty uh in a pretty bad

Place actually for intimacy but things can be done about it again i i can’t say that i’ve experienced those things myself but i’ve worked with people over the years quite a few of them in discussing what can you do to help make things make that session go longer for not only yourself but of course for her um you know when the average is only five minutes i’m not

Even aside from premature ejaculation which may be 30 seconds to a minute that the average is five minutes again it takes a generally about 18 minutes on average for a woman to orgasm and then again she would like to have six to seven minutes more than that in a general session she deserves that so and so do you actually uh so this isn’t about beating up on guys

At all this is about trying to help a little bit and i’ll give you a couple ideas aside from particular exercises like uh squeezing the pc muscle and and things like that there’s a lot of good things that montauk chia like i said in other videos can really help you with but here i want to go down a couple things i’m going to focus on one thing as i told you guys

Before which is niacin and i’ll tell you why i’ve used that um but anyway some of the some of the big minerals here is niacin which is b3 b12 vitamin d vitamin c vitamin e magnesium and magnesium of course is something that relaxes the muscles we all know that potassium is what helps contract just like the heart and the rest of the muscles so that’s the same thing

With premature ejaculation where you have the stimulation and the lack of the magnesium deficiency can cause that muscle to quiver and to to perform when you don’t want it to uh in zinc now these are things that uh can’t help with that and tryptophan of course is another wonderful thing that’s what’s terrific for uh melatonin serotonin just relaxation anxiety and

Things like that uh terrific to use overall but again i want to focus on um niacin inositol hexane in particular um inositol hexanicotinate that’s something i prefer to use because of niacin nicotinic acid i use that as well but that’s for flush the reason i’ve always i’ve used it for so many years is for my heart we’ve talked about arrhythmia for last 15 years

First maybe 10 years whatever has been the first video i made that had to do with that and so many things in the past gave me arrhythmia come to find out that was by and large arrhythmia and angina and stuff like that very painful and very scary pvcs and by and large what eliminated most of that is getting rid of caffeine and things like that but also realizing

That i had histamine intolerance my guess is most of the guys out there that that are having issues with premature ejaculation is a histamine intolerance yes there’s deficiencies and other things like that um but these are the things that can help the phase one diet histamine intolerance diet can be very helpful um so now for the guys that aside from premature

Ejaculation just so this goes hand in hand with the premature ejaculation and just the average five minutes which is vastly too low because there are things that can be done very simply that can hopefully not necessarily numb but kind of delay the excitement we’ll call it as far as the ejaculate the ejaculation uh time so one of the things that happens actually

When you take niacin as that starts to suppress that that goes upon the histamine mast cells which there’s four different types of histamine and of course orgasm for her and for you have everything to do with histamine hormones of course and histamine reactions and when you take that niacin that basically plugs the mast cells safely uh for people that have too much

Histamine and that gives you the time to um the ability hopefully to last longer to practice just to learn to squeeze those muscles to do the things that you need to do with withdrawal and beginning again niacin is incredibly safe it’s good for so many things it’s great for the heart it’s an anti-fungal it’s terrific for schizophrenia anxiety adhd it goes on and

On abram hoffer wrote a great book on this decades ago and it’s still top notch and all that science is it’s out there pubmed it’s out there to be to be read so go ahead and read that i mean it’s that’s amazing stuff so again i take inositol hex which is something that doesn’t cause the flush so now when i just got done on my fast one of the things that i do you

Know depends on the type of fast why i’m doing it i did a little bit for for the coughing in my throat um but oftentimes when i do it for spiritual reasons uh i will do it so i don’t we’ll call it get tempted a little bit but so i can lure i’ve got a very healthy generally speaking i’m very healthy so i mean as far as libido goes it’s one way that i can kind of

Tamp down on libido so when i have those when i go through that spiritual fast i just don’t have to worry about that physiology part of it and even the spiritual part as far as that goes i have no guilt shame or anything like that is that being part because that is that is pure creation how you use it that’s a different thing and that’s the thing i’m more after

Than anything is to help men i use that in women but help men use that creative spirit that creates beautiful children around the world and oftentimes unfortunately children that aren’t wanted um that you use that energy in a in a way that is right for the moment and right for the time and right for your life um so niacin inositol uh hexanecatinate can go a

Very long way in helping with that so again when i fasted i took one in the morning i took one at noon i dig one at um six o’clock in the evening one at uh at the end of the day and it’s it’s very effective i i feel great i don’t feel any urges um well i should say i don’t feel any urges i mean that’s that’s very natural and i would expect that and hope for that

I don’t want to go numb on the other hand it’s it’s one of those things that can help i think can help i know it’s helped several men that i’ve dealt with um can help tamp down those times whether it be for premature ejaculation or just the average time that you like to extend for her what’s the harm talk to your doctor if you must

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PM Ejaculator or "just average"? Think Niacin. By Todd A. Beck Capt. CHHP