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POMADA NISTATINA + XIDO DE ZINCO pode usar no rosto? Clareia Manchas? Pode ser usada nas Espinhas?

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In today’s video we’re going to unveil this nystatin ointment with zinc oxide, i’m going to unveil the entire composition for you and take away once and for all, all the doubts you have about this hey guys! all right with you? i’m dr. greice, i have a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences, if you like to receive news about cosmetics about health and beauty, subscribe here to

The channel because i’m putting new videos for you every week and today i’m going to update my last video about nystatin with oxide of zinc i’ll leave it linked here if you want to take a look later but i received a lot of comments on this video there that i made a while ago, many doubts about you reports what i did i took the composition as my doctorate it has an emphasis

On evaluation and development of pharmaceutical products i felt the need to come here to talk to you about this product a lot of people are feeling an improvement with it so i wanted to explain it to you first it was a product it is a product developed by the laboratory by some labs for diaper rash let’s start talking so the ingredient of this product that nystatin is an

Antifungal that acts on the candida fungus albicans that is present in baby diaper rash and studies show that it is a substance that is not absorbed by the skin, the other substance of this formula that we are unraveling, so it is zinc oxide, many skins can also have zinc deficiency. zinc helps strengthen the barrier. zinc is a white powder that when mixed with petrolatum

And another substance that i will explain later, they form a protective layer so it manages to form a barrier even on the skin with other things like diapers and other aggressors that may have urine there. and then this barrier function of zinc oxide is what makes the skin recovery but it is also the anti-inflammatory zinc oxide that is why many people end up benefiting with

Zinc oxide in the pimples because the pimple is an inflammatory process and then mixed with this oily base, which we will see details later, zinc oxide has an anti-inflammatory anti-itch action, it also reduces the itching in that area that is inflamed, in addition to being antiseptic and healing, so that’s why a lot of people benefit right with zinc oxide it gives a coverage

To the skin then it makes it into an environment that is interesting for cell recovery and still has an antiseptic action so micro-organisms don’t they won’t be able to get there and they’ll let the skin recover. another action of it is also an astringent action, which is why it ends up recovering acne lesions, anti-inflammatory astringent, from there it ends up drying the

Acne and also reduces the redness that is characteristic of the inflammatory process. and then the other actives that i wrote down for you here that are in this ointment so you don’t forget are white petrolatum, macrogol and liquid petrolatum these are what we call excipients they are not active substances like nystatin and zinc oxide remembering that nystatin a people call

It an active substance because it is a medicine, nystatin is classified as a medicine, that is why it cannot be used without medical advice because it has some effects, on different skins, so not to be used without monitoring why you might think cheap, buy it and then it will damage the skin and then soon you have to spend it to recover that skin that was damaged, that ‘s

Why we always said to use more specific products, in cases of acne, seek help from a dermatologist because they will be able to give a more specific, stronger treatment for your skin. but then let’s talk a little bit about petrolatum that has in this formula because they are old acquaintances, those who know the nivea cream from the blue can know the petrolatums and a lot

Of people are saying that they are benefiting from melasma whitening stain whitening with the use of this ointment a lot of people put it in the comments of my last video so i’ll external part here so it benefits a lot because it reduces up to 50% the loss of water to the environment because our skin is always changing and then it ends up losing water to the environment,

Becoming dehydrated the moment we apply the petrolatum that we know is safe because it is already an old acquaintance of the pharmaceutical industry cosmetics he has no problem with use because it is already a very well-known substance, it already has very safe forms of extraction and specific to the skin, so it manages to retain this water with we can still leave the

Skin well hydrated they measured that it lost 50% less water to the environment 40 and occlusion, wetting is when the substances water from the environment and put into the is a barrier that is formed to keep the water inside the a mechanical barrier there on the skin leaving it well hydrated and also ends up preventing when the skin is well hydrated what happens it is not

Inflamed it improves a lot of aspects of the spots because many melasma it also comes from inflammation so it ends up improving that aspect so just for you to understand, there’s a good hydration that you can do with any other cosmetic that has water that has hyaluronic acid or a glycerin also with this humectant action and that has some oils will help you, it doesn’t need

To be specifically this ointment, that what i want to unravel here with this formula today is that for those who are looking for the whitening of spots, in addition to looking for a specialist doctor, right? rque but you can start at home with hydration and protection mainly with sunscreen during the day this is the main item you can start if you haven’t used it is a

Sunscreen that has some interesting ingredients that even out the tone of the skin skin today it is quite common to find sunscreens that have, for example, vitamin b3 which is niacinamide that evens out the skin tone so you can start there already protecting the skin at least sun protection factor 30 and then you also try to make a hydration with these two types that i

Told you there that is with emollients and with humectants, one that retains water in the skin, the other that creates a barrier to avoid water loss, improving this skin barrier that we have, then, a reduction of blemishes, improves the overall appearance of the skin, decreasing the inflammatory process of our skin, making it more beautiful, also improving the appearance

Of wrinkles . more specific. there are some acids that we can also use at home when we have a pimple here a pimple there but if it is an inflammatory process of acne look for a dermatologist because this is serious this it is a disease that has to be treated with the doctor so these were the information that i wanted to leave here for you, so, revealing this ointment, do

Not use it without medical supervision. look for more specific products, i know it is cheap, but it can have many effects, there are many people who are having problems with this ointment. it has the zinc oxide that i said that you saw that it is anti-inflammatory and that it is a drying agent, it’s ok but it was not formulated for that so look for more specific products,

Food, drinking plenty of water also influences the aspect of our influence too our life habits they influence the oiliness of the skin in the general aspect in the inflammation of our body as well so i hope you enjoyed this video that it clarified many of your doubts and i’ll see you in our next tip so

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POMADA NISTATINA + ÓXIDO DE ZINCO pode usar no rosto? Clareia Manchas? Pode ser usada nas Espinhas? By Dra. Greice Moraes