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Pomegranate increase blood count | Physical endurance | Recover musclesBioscan

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Pomegranate health benefits and nutritional value @ Bioscan

Talking about a very healthy and nutritious fruit pomegranate. pomegranate is a densely packed with   the red color juicy crunchy seed the red color of  the seed because of the pigment anthocynine and  alagitanine and its nutritional value is very  good value is contained very less in carbohydrate   and this is higher in fiber,

Vitamin and mineral   if we talking about vitamin its contained the  vitamin c vitamin e vitamin k and in the   vitamin b category its contain vitamin b1( thymine) vitamin b2( riboflavin) and vitamin b5( pentothenic   acid) and vitamin b6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin b9(  folate) and if we have look the mineral content   its

Contained the calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorse  and potassium. pomegranate 70% contain the water   content and its the ph level is 4.4. ph is the  potential of hydrogen ion in the liquid and it’s   coming in the acidic test is 4.4 and it contains  the antioxidant as well its contained antioxidant   punicalgine. we also call

Alaigetannine and it’s  contained a polyphenols as well and if we have look the   first of all we have a look first benefit is  pomegranate compound help in the regulate the  concentration of the dietary oxalate, calcium   and phosphorse in the blood and control the making  of the stone process in the kidney and remove the stone it’s

A very healthy fruit and if we look next  benefit its have anti-microbial property   and its control the microorganism like bacteria,  yeast and fungus and its control the growth   of the bacteria that’s cause the bad breathing  and tooth decay that’s cause the gingivitis   if you eating pomegranate regularly your teeth 

Shiny and healthy gum is good for oral health   and next benefit if you have a look it’s a improve  the exercise endurance and it’s also recover the   exercise every day and sports person and they  fast and this recover back the muscle very fastly.  next benefit we’re talking about its lowering  the risk of the cancer. the pomegranate

Is full   punicalgine and polyphenols that control the   lower the risk of the cancer in the body   and in studies find out that’s a regular use of  the pomegranate in the diets control the diabetes   hormone sensitivity that control blood sugar   in the blood and control the diabetes as well  and you have a look

Next to benefit is contained   increase the good cholesterol the( high density   lipoprotein) cholesterol and its decrease the bad  cholesterol from the heart the bad cholesterol is(   low density lipoprotein) that deposit in the artery  wall of the heart and its remove out from the heart   the ayurveda medical tradition

The pomegranate  and fertility and is increase the physical   dysfunction as well the people suffering from   in their diet and they will be strong in bedroom   and it’s helping the weight loss as well because  the pomegranate is higher in fiber. fiber make you   full all the day and you’re not feeling hunger  anymore

And you stay in control your overeating   habit and it also have the polyphenol. polyphenol  is a natural fat burner in the pomegranate.   blood and it’s rich in vitamin a vitamin c and   the iron content in the body and it’s also   and is increase the blood count in the body   reduce the roughness, pigmentation, 

Dullness and its anti-inflammatory property help in cure acne and zits. it’s also  its protect the skin from the sun damage as  well and its antioxidant properties also   body temperature if we eating regularly if  you’re feeling hot in summer time must be   eat a pomegranate its drop down our body heat  two or three degree because

In winter time   cold therefore must be used in summer time its   health and stay stronger have a beautiful day

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Pomegranate increase blood count | Physical endurance | Recover muscles@Bioscan By Bioscan