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Popular antibiotics linked to growing number of suicide deaths, patients unaware of side effects

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Reports of deadly side effects are on the rise in one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics on the market. I-Team investigator Jackie Callaway first exposed the dangers of Cipro and Levaquin in 2015. Now she reports on new hope in the fight to raise awareness.

New tonight deadly side effects are on the rise in one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics on the market i-team investigator jackie callaway first exposed the dangers of cipro and levaquin back in 20-15 and new tonight she reports on the fight to raise awareness of one less known risk of taking these drugs suicide happy birthday to you she was larger than

Life 49 is the last year no one not don mendoza’s husband of 21 years are the two daughters she loved fiercely imagine those words would prove true in a million years did you ever see your wife taking her own life she’s fine for 27 years no attempt of anything no depression seven months after her birthday mike mendoza came home for lunch and found his wife at

The bottom of their pool she had latched herself to a chase lounge and rolled herself into the pool mike blames the powerful and commonly prescribed antibiotic cipro for dawn’s death tuesday bad anxiety at night dawn journaled her downward spiral in the days after a doctor prescribed cipro for pneumonia since thursday september 12th i have slept only on monday

Anxiety racing heart since thursday september 12th and texts on her phone indicate dawn notified her doctor’s office about the anxiety and insomnia did anyone say this might be the cipro no never in the search for answers dawn read the cipro drug insert and found anxiety insomnia and suicide warnings on page 12 of a 52 page insert it says feel like i’m dying inside

Out the woman who cherished her girls and loved life ended her suffering four days after taking her final dose 9-1-1 what’s your emergency she parked her car on the side of the interstate and walked in front of a semi deanna pogen’s family also blames cipro for her suicide it was not her she would have never ever ever done something like that reports filed with

The fda tied 219 suicides to cipro and levaquin two popular antibiotics used to treat serious infection the fda says only between one and ten percent of all adverse side effects are ever reported and the fda should revise the pax label dr charles bennett a nationally recognized medication safety expert petitioned the fda in 2014. flora fluoroquinolone associate

Toxicity and again in 2019 for increased suicide warnings for cipro and lovaquin a class of drugs called fluoroquinolones in 2018 the fda issued its strongest black box warnings for these drugs it states the antibiotics are associated with disabling and potentially permanent side effects of the tendons muscles joints nerves and central nervous system but the agency

Denied dr bennett’s petition to add suicide as part of the boxed warning leaving it as a subsection on page 12 of the package insert and physicians and providers do not still have any idea about the side effect in an attempt to raise worldwide awareness dr bennett started work on another petition it will ask the cdc to recognize fluoroquinolone long-term toxicity

As a condition that can be billed to insurance biggest way that people say to get providers to pay attention is when they can bill for an incident but the process could take years meanwhile the makers of lovaquin stopped making the drugs citing other options for treatment and this week cipro’s maker bear responded to us in a statement pleuroquinolone antibiotics

Treat a wide range of bacterial infections the cipro label already contains fda approved language advising physicians and their patients about the potential side effects including specific warnings about the risk of central nervous system and other psychiatric effects good job victim’s family say more needs to be done to warn patients and inform doctors of the

Potentially life-threatening risks gets on this drug in seven days and takes her life i’m i-team investigator jackie callaway taking action for you

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Popular antibiotics linked to growing number of suicide deaths, patients unaware of side effects By ABC Action News