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Potassium Binders 101

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There are two ways to treat high potassium, through diet and/or medicine. Medicines for high potassium are called potassium binders and they work by sticking to the potassium in your body and preventing some of it from being taken into your blood.

Hi i’m allie and we’re here today to talk about potassium binders but before we do let’s talk about potassium and how it is used in the body it is both an electrolyte and a mineral it’s found in most foods and your body needs it for many things it is important to keep potassium at a healthy level in your body having too much or too little potassium is very

Serious and can even be deadly if not treated potassium plays an important role in helping your muscles expand and contract your heart is a muscle so when your body’s potassium is at a healthy level it helps your heart to beat the right way when it’s not it can lead to heart attack and even death high potassium is called hyperkalemia hyperkalemia is a chronic

Condition and if you have kidney disease you are at risk of high potassium because your kidneys cannot remove the extra potassium in your blood if you have kidney disease your doctor may have told you that you need to lower the amount of potassium in your diet but what does it mean to have high potassium healthy kidneys will filter out extra potassium and remove

It from your body through urine however when kidneys do not work well they may not be able to remove enough potassium this means that potassium can build up in your blood to harmful levels there are often no warning signs meaning a person can have high potassium without knowing it so how can you manage and treat high potassium high potassium can be controlled

Long term by choosing the right foods and taking medication ask your health care provider and dietitian to help you create a potassium management plan you have the power to track how much potassium goes into your body every day for go high potassium foods like bananas avocados poultry beans cheese and instead eat breads rice pastas and some fruits and vegetables

Eating a low potassium diet recommended by your doctor can help reduce your potassium levels your doctor may also prescribe a medication called a potassium binder if diet changes aren’t enough potassium binders are drugs that bind to extra potassium in your blood this excess potassium is then removed from your body through your stool this prevents potassium

From building up in your blood these medications often come in a powder that you mix with water and drink with a meal some potassium binders may upset your stomach but there are new options available with fewer side effects talk to your doctor to find out your options hyperkalemia is a serious matter that a simple blood test can reveal it is important that

You are aware of the severe health consequences chronic kidney disease patients may face if hyperkalemia is left untreated you can control high potassium long term through medication and diet visit slash beyond bananas to learn more

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Potassium Binders 101 By MonkeySee