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Potassium Cramps VS. Magnesium Cramps | #ScienceSaturday

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Hey it’s thomas de lauer with jigsaw health again and i’m back at you with dr. decker wise cardiologist and naturopathic physician and founder of the scottsdale heart institute last time we talked a little bit about potassium we talked a little bit about magnesium and a little bit of cramping and today i wanted to ask you a question that comes to me a lot in

Fact i’ve wondered it myself and that’s simply how exactly do we ascertain between a cramp that’s occurring from a magnesium deficiency and a cramp that’s occurring from a potassium deficiency how do we know is there a difference well thomas if you noticed when you work out that some cramps will start maybe at the beginning of workout some in the middle or some

Later totally and then some cramps when you’re not working out at all so you babble to kind of see those that kind of helps you to know which ones are caused by which mineral gosh so when you start working out you shouldn’t crap you should have all of your electrolytes available okay so that’s a magnesium crap that in the middle or towards the end or even within

The first hour – you know you’re sitting down having your salad and the hamstring kind of soda lights up you know those things that’s more potassium and that’s replenished a little bit easier gotcha have you ever bumped into people that have leg cramps while they’re sleeping totally in fact i’ve done it myself okay that’s your classic magnesium crime guy that is

When you’re laying there and all of a sudden that leg locks up and you just gotta sort of drag it around and loosen it up a little bit and that those are the ones that you have to make sure to choose quality magnesium products that absorb into the bloodstream well because within one to two weeks with these newer magnesium’s these better magnesium’s you should be

Able to calm those right down some fine even within the first few nights that’ll really dramatically decrease if it’s a well absorbed magnesium gotcha yeah because one of the things that i’ve noticed and i’m sure that a lot of our viewers have noticed that too is well they may not have paid to put the pieces together but when i’m working out and i get a cramp if

I drink even a basic sports drink that even if it’s not high in magnesium but it’s higher in potassium i noticed the cramp goes away really quick but if i try applying that same thing to say when i get a cramp in the middle of the night it does diddly-squat doesn’t do anything right so is that simply because like the potassium absorbs really fast and magnesium

Needs more of a sustained release or potassium so important to the the that these receptors let it right in cattle going on got it um it’ll go through esophagus it’ll go into intestines really do it you know it’ll go right into the bloodstream very very quickly when you think about people though blood sugar will just swish like orange juice around and the sugar

Goes up that way total task seems very similar go right into that bloodstream very quickly which is why it can be dangerous we talked about the last segment exact when it goes too high because it doesn’t have a lot of controls on it where magnesium’s much more the opposite we have to design it an engineer right to get into the bloodstream effectively interesting

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen now you know the difference between a potassium cramp and a magnesium cramp and as always keep it locked in here on jigsaw health’s videos and dr. decker weiss thank you very much for yeah no one cares about me you’re the doctor

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Potassium Cramps VS. Magnesium Cramps | #ScienceSaturday By JigsawHealthTV