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POTS, Midodrine, and Atenolol: My Experience

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Hey yall! POTS has been a major challenge for me, and I wanted to share my experience with it as well as the medicines I find most effective. This is stuff that I wish I would’ve known when I was first battling POTS. Hope yall enjoy 🙂

Experience with pots and taking midodrine and atenolol for pots.. so that’s actually the same time when i started experiencing major eds symptoms things for as far back as i can remember but they were just kind of blown off by what was going on when i was 16, is i would have 30+ plus episodes per day, and fill up like a cup, from the bottom to the top with what looks like

Have signal and they would be all grey and black, that’s what it looked like would start pounding and it would pound so hard that i wouldn’t be able to hear. was radiating from my chest, and from my neck, and from my head, outward. those you’ve experienced it yourself, it’s a long time to not be able to see or 10 or so minute headache afterwards and so i was having headaches

Constantly of the things people might not understand about pots is, it’s not just you want to go do something, you stand up so that you can accomplish a goal, any to immediately sit back down every time you stand up, it’s so discouraging, it because what’s the point if you can’t function when you do stand up. the other get enough breath in my lungs. i also had these migraines

There was nothing i could do about them it didn’t matter if they just didn’t help at all, and those were happening very often. and so i was and she said “you know it sounds like you test, and to qualify for pots, your beats 30 beats per minute when you go from laying to standing. so mine increased by to my cardiologist and he started prescribing midodrine and what tighter

And so for me that really helps because my pots is secondary to my eds stand up (because they’re supposed to tighten when you stand up and get the fainting symptoms) but mine don’t naturally do that because of eds, so midodrine almost fainting symptoms and then as far as atenolol, i understand atenolol -breathing. i don’t have issues catching my breath or anything like

That except issue catching my breath it’s not just random like it used to be. and the other said earlier i was having migraines every other day, and now i’ll have one both midodrine and atenolol together have just taken away my pots symptoms suggest for anyone who’s struggling with with pots or who does kind of arduous fluids or salt tablets, which to me don’t really work,

If you’re struggling with for me, the midodrine helps with the fainting symptoms and then the atenolol helps with the another thing i just want to add is, because of my eds really feel that exercise helps cover the symptoms of pots at all. in fact, for active- i go to the gym multiple times per week for my eds- if i miss one single that if exercise really helped pots a lot,

Necessary and missing a dose wouldn’t have such a harsh effect on me. so that’s for me what has been the best is midodrine and atenolol. with eds, you should check out my other with eds and exercise is what has helped me overcome my eds symptoms, and i’ve when i was 16, to now i can walk and function like a regular person, so.. thank

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POTS, Midodrine, and Atenolol: My Experience By Watch Me Conquer EDS