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Pregnancy and Graves Disease – things you need to know.

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Hi guys. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and here are some things I learned about Graves and Pregnancy. Hopefully these tips can help if you are trying to get pregnant.

Hey guys okay well i’m just creating this video quickly to say thank you so much for watching the videos honestly i didn’t think anyone would watch it didn’t put it out there because i was a bit nervous so i’m glad i’ve helped as many of you as possible there was one comment that really really made me smile and it was a lady who watched the video and realized that

She had a lot of the symptoms went to the doctors and then got diagnosed so of course it’s a bittersweet moment but i’m just glad she caught it before it was too late because we know how great these can die i am currently 15 weeks pregnant which explains the extra weight and which i’m proud of because we know gracie’s sometimes it’s hard to put on weight but yeah

So yeah i’m 16 weeks pregnant and i found out really early actually but i’m here to talk to you about things you need to know before you decide to have a baby if you’ve got grave disease even if you’re in remission it’s really important to know and so here we go so if you have graves disease every month you could have really really heavy periods so ike i did which

Makes you anemic which means that your iron levels are really low or you could have no periods at all and if you have low periods at all this can make your chances of conceiving a lot harder so the first thing is make sure you are youth fibroid before becoming pregnant so this just means that your thyroid hormones are our normal level a lot of people don’t know

If you tried to conceived during hyperthyroidism it can cause your baby to have severe birth defects preterm birth brain development issues preeclampsia and even worse you could have a miscarriage during that first 12 weeks so you just want to make sure that your levels are as normalized as possible before trying for a baby now we know that pregnancy can result in

A number of changes in your body this pros like a fuller burst and never really had these breasts i’m not gonna lie loving it glowy skin good hair and all that jazz but there are also cons you get the fatigue you are peeing constantly all the time i want me to make a video on this because oh my gosh utis and all all that jazz right but also a lot of people don’t

Know that pregnancy can also alter your thyroid function this is caused by two main hormones – the first one you’ve probably heard of is estrogen and the second one which she usually it’s usually the way that you find out you’re pregnant is by peeing on the stick its hcg so the hcg can bring down you’ll see a section levels in the first 12 weeks and then after

That it can sort of higher again so you want to make sure that you’re consistently checking your fire roid levels every i would say 2 to 3 months because you will see changes throughout that nine months now there might be people who have got pregnant and they get in watched my video and they’re thinking oh my gosh i think i’ve got gravy sees i’m pregnant what can

I do am i gonna get fetal loss not to worry if you want to check that you have great disease then a simple blood test can check this now if you’re not pregnant i would advise you to have the radioactive iodine uptake test and this is when they inject a little bit of iodine it’s not too much that it should be harmful and to your arm and then they put you under

Like this mri scanner and they can tell if you’ve got great disease if you’re pregnant i would not advise that you take the uptake test just because i think putting any type of chemicals or anything in your body during that during the first 12 weeks especially is very dangerous so make sure if you want to test that you’ve got graves disease during pregnancy take

A blood test so that’s the best way to ensure that you’ve got great disease and then you can work with your doctor from then to see what you can do for the best chances of your baby being healthy and fine now a lot of people think yeah i stay away from chemicals anyway all i’m taking is the pills that the doctors gave me now in the uk we use carbon mizzell to slow

Down our hyperthyroidism as i said i don’t use it i went through the natural route but have you first been diagnosed probably the best thing that you can do is use those pills and if you’ve got a really fast heart rate then you have beta blockers which slow down your heart and slow down the anxiety that you’ve got and all that jazz when you’re pregnant you need to

Really speak to your doctor and double-check is taking carbon missal and beta blockers is safe now i have been fined for at my pregnancy but there’s some people that spontaneously get their hyperthyroidism back and my doctor told me that taking carbon mizzle in the first 12 weeks can potentially give your beta unborn baby of birth defects so you want to make sure

That the tablets that you’re taking are okay i think they said that they will switch you from carbon miss or 2p to you i think something that you would have to talk to with your doctor but just make sure that the tablets that you’re on now will still be safe while you are pregnant with your child but because they can interfere with your baby’s growth and they can

Actually give birth defects so make sure that when you’re pregnant you switch to a safer tablet to regulate your hormones now did you know that your fire or a slash grazes these antibodies can be passed on to the baby i know but not to worry the doctors can test for this i think had my test in the first six months and they checked they didn’t touch the baby at all

There was no injection going through the baby or anything like that i think they just gave me a blood test and they said that i didn’t carry the antibodies to my baby but if your baby does get it then you want to work with your doctor to make sure that they assist your baby upon delivery and they can check if your baby has graves disease when they come out as well

Just by simple prick test 2 the hill so you just want to make sure that your baby does have it they’re monitoring that closely also to let you know that graves disease symptoms can worsen in the first three months after giving birth so it’s just something that i know i have to monitor i think because your body just gone haywire it’s the same way that they say you can

Lose a lot of hair after pregnancy which i’m not looking forward to and it’s just something that you need to just remember so yeah those are my top tips and things that you should think about before becoming pregnant with graves disease or if you are pregnant with great disease some of the things that you should look at because it’s not really only one to tell us

All these things graves disease is not really spoken about although i’ve got to rate wendy williams because she’s put it on the map but yeah again some doctors don’t know too much about it so we sort of have to have the mind and education for it otherwise you know we don’t want anything to affect our children so yes i’m very excited i’m very scared of labor and i’m

Very excited that i am so far i’ve had an amazing pregnancy no issues at all and my grave disease i don’t have any symptoms i mean obviously i’ve had a few tremors but i haven’t even had that i’ve literally been a ok and it’s weird because the doctor said that some people who become pregnant have no issues it’s like their grave disease disappear during pregnancy

Whether it’s to do with the hormones or your baby is providing you and that good good nutrients who knows but i feel better pregnant and then i do non pregnant but yes this video hopefully it’s helpful i can subscribe let me know what else you want to see and i’ve had so many questions about great disease sent to my inbox as well so there’s a question that’s the

Video you want me to do let me know put some questions down there and i do one in the next video and thank you so much for watching but you don’t look sick and i will be putting out a video every single week now and so yeah hope to see you again soon

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