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Pregnancy Journey: Month 1 on Letrozole

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After being diagnosed with PCOS, my doctor decided Letrozole would be a great option in helping me get pregnant. Here is my letrozole journey, month 1.

Hey y’all um i wanted to hop on here really quick and talk to you while i was driving to work this morning so i woke up this morning and took an ovulation test it was about 8 30 when i took the test you’re really not supposed to take them until 10 o’clock but i went ahead and took one anyway and it was a faint positive so i am going to take another test

Today about three o’clock i’m gonna try to be mindful of my like drinking you know coffee water all that stuff so that i can have a good sample um to take my test with and then i will let you guys know what it looks like i’m going to track today and tomorrow and just see you know if the line progresses at all so i know from my own you know mind’s sake and

Then of course so i can let the doctor know as well so hey y’all so it’s about two o’clock in the afternoon i told you this morning that i was going to take another test and i just did and i don’t know if i’ve had too much to drink i’ve had like a large coffee and some water today within the last i guess two hours and my test showed a very very faint second

Line which would mean that i was not ovulating so what i’m going to do is i’m going to try to avoid all liquids for the next three plus hours and see if i can get a better reading next i guess next time i try um i had what looked to be a i didn’t take a picture of it i was sure to have but yesterday i had what i thought was a soon to be positive so it’s

Gonna be really disheartening if that last test that i just took was correct and i’m not ovulating at all so i will hop on here and update you guys probably gonna try to wait till about five o’clock and take my next test all right so it’s a little bit after five i think it’s almost six at this point and i just took a test and i’ll show you what it looks like

You can kind of see it but obviously you can tell it wasn’t positive i’m cramping pretty heavy on just my right side my left side’s fine my right side’s cramping i’m be honest i don’t think i have ovulated as of yet i don’t know if i’m in the process of doing so right now i don’t know i don’t need i am so frustrated um just because i did have my hopes up that

You know everything would go smooth this time but as of right now these tests are not showing me a positive so i’m going to take one again tomorrow and see but i my tests looked darker yesterday than they did today and i still don’t have a actual positive yesterday so who knows but only something i’m having right now is cramping got cramping on my right side

And that’s about it hey y’all um i wanted to hop on here really quick and let you know i did not get a positive ovulation test today it actually looks like it’s very much going down in color versus increasing so i don’t know i’m guessing i didn’t ovulate at all i really i can’t tell yesterday i had cramping i said that you know in my last little clip but i’m

Scared to equate anything to actually ovulating and get my hopes up and be let down and all that so i don’t think that i ovulated this month i have to wait two weeks from yesterday so we get six days from this point but i have to wait that long to see if my next cycle starts and if it doesn’t then we’ve got a whole nother game plan that we’ve got to tackle of

Why i’m not having a normal cycle so anyway i will update you guys a week and six days from today and let you know what’s going on with my body at that point hey guys i wanted to hop on here and update you really quick the last time i updated you guys i said that i would be hopping on after my cycle started and we are sooner than that because i actually finally

Got a positive ovulation reading so i was supposed to ovulate last wednesday of course like you guys saw beforehand that didn’t happen i was pretty bummed out thought it just wasn’t gonna happen the cycle then on sunday i started to feel a little uncomfortable a little bit of cramping and i decided to take ovulation tests and it was positive so i had some

Major cramping on monday i had positive ovulation tests all day monday up until six o’clock and then i got a negative again so good news is i ovulated another positive part of that is i was able to feel that i was ovulating and it was on my right side which is from what the doctor said my strongest ovary from the way he worded it but the one that seems to be

Releasing the most follicles or any follicles at all so yeah good news i did ovulate um at this point the next time i’ll be updating you guys will be two weeks from monday so a week and a half from today today is actually wednesday i haven’t hopped on and updated you guys sooner just because truthfully i was in a lot of pain on monday my ovulation was pretty

Painful this time um so i didn’t want to hop on monday and then i just got busy on tuesday so here we are wednesday with your update hey y’all i wanted to hop on here and talk with you um today is friday and i took a test this morning and i’m not pregnant and i’m extremely bombed extremely bummed um and i kind of want to cry because i’m just so frustrated

And i know anybody watching these videos at this point are like so tired of seeing me be like oh poor pitiful me but like just a bit for a second it’s really hard it’s so hard and you know especially i’m at that point in my life where i see everyone else putting up their you know gender reveals or baby announcements or whatever the case may be and i’ve become

So fearful at this point that like i’ll never have the opportunity to have like my own child um so far beyond gender reveals or baby announcements or anything like that but just knowing that i might not be able to have my own child is like really hard oh excuse me so anyway um i’m not pregnant this month and i haven’t gotten my period yet either my period is

Again um i’m it’s late um i’m having a lot of cramping and a lot of pain and i don’t know why i’m having it so early but i’m having it early and um so yeah that’s where i’m at right now the doctor has called in some sort of medication to help me start my period and i really don’t want to take it um i’m gonna try and give myself a couple more days to see if

My body just naturally you know can’t do it on its own without me having to have any sort of medication or anything like that but um yeah i’m just really really sad to say the least so anyway i’ll let you guys know you know if my period comes on its own or if i start this medication i’ll give you a little bit of information on that but i just wanted to update

You on this month hey y’all so i wanted to hop on here really quick and um talk with you about a couple of things so the last clip that you saw i was worried about my period and all that well today i have 15 days past ovulation and my period finally started you know i know i wasn’t pregnant so um getting my period this time i i was really happy about just

For the simple fact that i didn’t have it last month and i was so concerned about it so i did get my cycle this month i’m cramping pretty bad um which you know that does stink but at the end of the day getting my cycle is worth it so i’m gonna call my doctor i’ve got a couple of follow-up things to do there to prepare for next month but this is going to be the

Last clip to this video series of um you know trying to conceive this month and i will update you guys once i go to the doctor and have more information from him on you know trying for this new cycle that i’ve just started so thank you guys for watching and i’ll talk with you in the next video bye you

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Pregnancy Journey: Month 1 on Letrozole By Growing The Grangers