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PrEP, the new condom?

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For full story: In part 1 of Daily Xtra’s 4 part series on PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) we find out how these drugs can help prevent the transmission of HIV and what this might mean in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We speak with HIV/AIDS prevention workers, researcher Dr. Robert Grant and porn star Michael Lucas.

My boyfriend’s hiv positive we’ve jumped when to use condoms i want him to have we went ahead on particular sex i wanted to kind of fight we know for a fact that some men don’t and will not use condoms when they’re having sex among those who took the pill every day the risk of hiv reduced by more than 99 percent this field allows me not to live in fear any longer

Think really it’s it’s a game-changer in the prevention field but would you ever go unpack if i were hiv negative yeah no really really you wouldn’t know we’re not high there are nickel as casimir with daily extra imagine this a pill that you can take every day just like a birth control pill that can shield you from hiv well according to some people such a pill

Exists in daily extras four part series we look at the history controversy and promise of pre-exposure prophylactics otherwise known as preps in his opening segment we introduce you to what preps are and how they work is this another false start in the fight against hiv or the game-changer revolve and waiting for we can end hiv transmission around the world starting

In cities like toronto in san francisco and and places like that but it can end around the world but only if people are willing to put it on the radar screen screen i think a lot of folks you know because there’s been so many decades of condom use that we think that’s just the simple answer to everything unfortunately you know condoms aren’t used all the time for a

Variety of reasons in the clinic when we have somebody come in it’s like my boyfriend’s hiv positive we jump went to use condoms i want him to have we’re gonna have on particular sex i wanted to come inside me i mean that’s a really difficult situation to be in and say you know give the official greenlight so yes by all means go for it i was always worried when

I would not use a condom but you know in certain situations it just was it was wrong but it happened just i think like it happened with arrow on everyone at some point in there but most of the people at some point of their life slipped and we cannot be responsible so for another person we can be hundred percent say that our boyfriends husbands lovers a hundred

Percent faithful now what is prep for pat well they’re different things prep is pre exposure prophylaxis and peppa’s post exposure prophylaxis all right pep was around pep came around in the late 90s and that was the use of anti retrovirals after an exposure to prevent the virus from taking hold in the body pre exposure prophylaxis is the use of hiv medications

On a daily basis before an exposure the idea is that if the virus gets into your system you’ve already got protection against it pep comes after the exposure and in is the research is still a little bit out on that on the effectiveness of it prep on the other hand is i look at it with my patients as another tool in the arsenal to help prevent hiv infection it’s

Something that has taken before there’s an exposure to hiv we know that post exposure prophylaxis is hard for people to use for several reasons one is they have to wake up in the morning and realize that they need to take immediate action to start post exposure prophylaxis then they have to find a doctor who’s willing to write a prescription they have to find a

Pharmacy that’s willing to fill it and all of that has to happen within 72 hours of the exposure and so the idea behind pre exposure prophylaxis was to engage with people in a calm moment not the morning after but when they’re thinking through how are they gonna stay safe as they pursue their social goals so in july 2013 i came up as a negative man each having

Negative man who is to taking crap this pill allows me not to live in fear and yolanda and this is very liberating experience in 2012 the fda approved daily truvada for prep in men and women and that recommendation or the approval was based upon two different studies one partners prep which is using prep in heterosexual men and women and also data from the iprex

Study which was in men who have sex with men as well as trans women who have sex with men so you conducted a series of spearheaded a series of studies correct in regards to prep what were the results the study that we’ve completed is called the iprex study and it enrolled nearly 2,500 gay men and transgendered women we enrolled people around the world among those

Who took the pill every day the risk of hiv reduced by more than 99 percent wow so we’re talking people who were taking the pill more than four times a week we’re talking seven times a week like a daily like an aspirin or a daily vitamin that’s right it’s a medical intervention so we haven’t seen medical interventions around prevention as far as sexual activity

Is concerned we really have been pushing condom use and reduction of number of sex partners and and those sorts of harm reduction techniques i think really it’s it’s a game changer in the prevention field and a spokesperson for ciabatta i’m giving in my opinion and i don’t want anyone to take my word i think that everyone has to do research and make up their minds

That was part one of our four part series on preps in the next part of daily extras original online series it’s perhaps promise of condomless sex a cause for alarm or celebration there are people that will absolutely swear against condom usage that’s the reality

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PrEP, the new condom? By Xtra Magazine