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Pronouncing complex medications|The Nurse Practitioner Extraordinaire

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In this video I the importance of not only studying but learning how to pronounce medications and disease processes.

Chole calciferol uh yeah cole calciferol which pretty much is calcium cholecalciferol that is one that always trips me up but i just practice hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s jimmy c capri the nurse practitioner extraordinaire and if you’re new to my channel welcome thank you so much for stopping by today i’m going to do another video on

Pronunciation of medication if you’re not into this type of thing you don’t need any help you’re just not interested just click off the video no big deal look at some of my other videos i’m sure you’ll find something that you like but this really is for those of you who struggle and just need to hear it from someone else and to help you out so i did another i did

A video about how sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to pronounce some of our medications and it kind of you know makes us look a little bit uh less intelligent than we really are sometimes to some people not always just you know trying to help you out with a couple of um pronunciations so some of these words man i was going over and i was like what in the

World okay so go watch my first video i may somehow try to put it somewhere in here so you can see it but honestly i just feel like as a professor and um as a preceptor sometimes it really goes a long way when you guys take your time to pronounce disease processes medication words stuff like that right appropriately correct so to me um it seems like you’re

Just putting a little bit more into it you care about what you’re doing a little bit more so i’m here to help you and uh again some of these are ridiculous why they are so difficult i don’t know and i also have some problems sometimes too and then i practice and i practice and i practice because i really don’t like uh not knowing or sounding like i don’t know

Like my very first medication that i’m going to talk to you cole calciferol uh yeah cole calciferol which pretty much is calcium cholecalciferol that is one that always trips me up but i just practice the next one is atorvastatin a tour fest then that is pretty much a statin you know for high cholesterol and carvedilol carvedilol that’s cardiac medication

And clopidogrel and i’m looking down because i have a list so i’m just like looking at the list um clopidogrel which is your plavix let me adjust this that’s plavix clopidogrel and gabapensin gabapensen and this one isn’t insulin but some of you guys pronounce it incorrect so i’m going to go over this one and it’s glargine glargine that’s the atlantis

The long-acting insulin okay glargine um a nitrate which is isosorbid mono nitrate that is for your heart for angina chest pain what not okay and level thyroxine now you guys level level thyroxine um i’m i’m talking to you guys here so now like i said the uh cole cole cipher cipheron the cole calciferon cole calciferol i the cole calciferon i trip up on

That all the time i don’t know why it’s important that i say that i just i just want to humanize the whole experience for you guys because it’s not just you guys it’s everybody but we do have to master these words because we decided you know that this is the field that we want to go into all right so um the next one is pantoprazole pantoprazole that one is a

Um proton pump inhibitor uh along the same line it’s it’s protonics it’s along the same lines as the um omeprazole and whatnot okay so what’s the other one um with an n can’t think of it all right and the next one is risperidone respiredome ribostigmine ribostigmine okay that one is for parkinson yep all right and then we have sucralophate sucrylophate

Sucrylophate okay and that’s for gastric acid as well um i kind of triple trip up on that one too um priscilla fate it just doesn’t to me uh look the way it sounds all right samsolosin tamsilosin tropium tropium venaflaxin veniflexin hyacine high aciamine y’all what highest i mean oh yeah yeah hey that’s what we have to go through i’m gonna solder on

All right amitriptyline amitriptyline granolazine renolatine okay guys so yeah literally that is really just a uh pronunciation video that i wanted to do with you guys just because sometimes some of us have problems pronouncing some of these medications and it’s really really important when you’re first starting out and you’re on your job or on your clinical

That you really take the time to pronounce these medications correctly just so that we’re not looking crazy out here and i’m here for you if you like this video smash that like button if you want more of these let me know in the comments and i will see you in the next video take care guys bye-bye floozer cortisone someone’s coming in my house oh my son let’s stop

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Pronouncing complex medications|The Nurse Practitioner Extraordinaire By The Nurse Practitioner Extraordinaire