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Proof Truvada for HIV AIDS Can’t Help You Pt.2 #AIDShoax #GermtheoryLie #Truth

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Holocaust that can end up being worse than the one that occurred during world war two when it was first announced that dr robert gallo had found the virus that probably caused aids and that announcement was made with margaret heckler in 1984 to the press and to the media without one single scientific document appearing in any journal in the united states and

As we know now without any proof whatsoever that the virus caused any disease the media picked up on it for the sake of a story and soon the virus that probably caused aids was now the virus that caused aids it was proven in the press and nowhere else now it’s interesting a lot of questions are asked of me whenever i appear before the cameras and do what some

People have called a stunt to sell books i’m from the planet earth i honestly honestly believe that these individuals are from the planet uranus how anyone could suggest that i would stick myself with a virus that is supposedly deadly for the purpose of selling a book that’s complete insanity and i will put the lie to the individuals of the nih particularly gallo

And falci and hazeltine and essex and the rest of these scoundrels of the worst order criminals guilty of genocide without a doubt i invite them to take me to court i wish burroughs welcome would take me to court because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly because in a court of law i would have the opportunity to to provide the absolute proof and

Evidence as i have in my book deadly deception now i’m not alone in what i’m doing here today how does the press escape such obvious truths why would the finest virologist in the world the most noted virologist member of our national academy of sciences peter duesberg why would he put his entire career on the line what did he have to gain he’s already lost his

Laboratory and his funding he can’t take away his professorship because he’s tenured why would a charles a thomas professor emeritus of harvard say the same thing why would carrie mullis who won the nobel prize in virology last year why would he stick his neck out what did he have to gain these are the questions reporters should be asking and in order to sell

A book i would inoculate myself with a virus that supposedly is deadly everything that maybe we all know something that you just don’t get that if you take the virus out of the equation you have a perfectly understandable disease with a perfectly understandable answer and i might remind you in case you are not aware of it and if you haven’t read my book that

We have known what causes acquired immune deficiency diseases for at least 70 years it’s in the medical textbooks it’s there for you to read number one cause on the face of this earth is malnutrition and starvation that’s african look to the headlines of the october third issue of the london times sunday times last year and inside headlines that screamed across

Two pages the plague that never was speak to philip and evelyn kreinen who head part taj with an organization of 250 people their own hospital their own doctors their own laboratories who have lived in the heart of the epidemic supposedly or the supposed epidemic for five years there is no epidemic it doesn’t exist they are there they’re not some character who

Goes through from the world health organization and says oh i’ve seen the people dying of course you have we all saw them on television in somalia what do you think you were looking at that was aids due to starvation due to malnutrition it’s no big secret what’s causing aids we’ve known it for 70 years number two is drugs and don’t just think of street drugs

Because the number one cause of aids today is actually two medical drugs azt a drug that was discovered in the sixties as a chemotherapeutic drug for cancer and was shelved because it was too toxic to treat cancer a drug worse than cancer it’s been to use to treat people who are immunosuppressed now let’s go back to the other causes of aids so it’s not only

Street drugs but medical drugs but now three is radiation do they worry about at chernobyl and nagasaki and hiroshima but number four is chemotherapy number four the number four cause of death of acquired immune deficiency diseases chemotherapy and the most toxic chemotherapeutic drug of all times azt is what they’re now using to treat aids and the concord study

Completed last year now can you imagine saying to the world where was the press where are you people here they’re giving a drug that costs thousands of dollars a year and it doesn’t do any good that’s if you want to believe that but did anybody here bother to look at the insert the paper that comes with the drug it’s a dna terminator it means it is a terminator

Just like the movie it terminates life you terminate dna you terminate life and they talk about side effects in the insert when are you going to learn there is no such thing as a side effect in medicine it’s an unwanted direct effect and you know what one of the unwanted direct effects of azt is lymphoma cancer one of the diseases of aids as they call it oh

Another so-called side effect which is really an unwanted direct effect pan cytopenia you need a definition pan cytopenia pan all cyto cells pina loss of loss of all your cells that’s aids that is the definition of aids so azt by definition by their own drug insert causes aids and nobody survives azt that will eventually lead to your death and they’ve cut the

Dosage way down because it was killing them too fast it’s like giving somebody a large dose of strychnine and they die within five minutes and so the next person you give them a a few drops of it and they last four or five days and you say strychnine’s a wonderful drug this person lasts five times longer this is the kind of thing that they present to the world

Now i have offered for over a year now and i continue to offer it one hundred thousand dollars to anyone who’ll give me one scientific document that proves that hiv causes any serious disease it doesn’t it is a scandal and a scam beyond belief the virologists who are responsible for this what do they have to gain now i don’t know what duesberg had to gain or

Charles a thomas or carrie mullis he already got his nobel prize why does he come out and say and he’s the one that found the test the pcr reaction and he said that there is no body of evidence that supports that the virus causes any disease whatsoever but what about the individuals who have perpetrated this lie they are all multi-millionaires what do we have to

Say about the national institutes of health when a private laboratory independent laboratory found azt to be 1 000 times more toxic than the laboratory of the nih we can understand a five percent error in a laboratory even a ten percent error but at ten thousand percent ever for a hundred thousand percent error that’s fraud and as i understand that the word has

Gone out and there’s even documents and letters to prove it that the cdc the same organization that let blacks go untreated with syphilis well documented just to see what would happen with the disease this same organization who had to admit that they can’t get on and give in on the aids thing now because nobody would ever be able to trust the government i think

The last election tells us what the people think about government but science is acting no differently than politicians do and now we have disease by politics isn’t it strange that the same day or the day after robert gallo filed for a test for hiv after it was announced this sounds like free meditation you mean he just happened to have this test available you

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Proof Truvada for HIV AIDS Can't Help You Pt.2 #AIDShoax #GermtheoryLie #Truth By Northpole Behemoth Cube