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Propranolol – Beta Blocker for Anxiety – My Experience

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My experiences being prescribed the beta blocker Propranolol for anxiety.

Hi guys so this is the drug propranolol this is a 10 microgram dose i’ve been issued by my gp voice pro parallel it’s a beta blocker and it has many different uses in medicine have i been to prescribe this to help with anxiety how it works i’m not a doctor but it works by reducing and blocking the adrenaline response in your brain i find anxiety at times i can

Get panicky and sometimes in stressful situations don’t necessarily make the right choices so i’ve never been a big person for taking kind of tablets and things like that but these beta blockers have definitely been helped me over the last few months how i take them is said on here that i can take one tablet up to three times a day i think there’s been very few

Days i’ve taken three days so let’s see i don’t take these every day of tend to be taking them in situations that i feel stressed or anxious then i’ll take one and then maybe follow up later i’m still feeling anxious whether they work as much as maybe the doctors say i think they definitely do work they definitely do relieve the symptoms of anxiety for me but

The way i use them is in a stressful situation i’ll i’ll take one and if i feel very anxious i’ll take one of these they take about half an hour to get into your system anyway and i believe their maximum you have the most benefit from the last 60 to 90 minutes after taking a master window and when they’re really working and they’re and they’re most but i’ll take

One of these and then maybe sit down and have a cup of tea and it’s like let’s let the medicine take effect and let and also it’s kind of trying to be stressful situations but i think from that i’ve kind of learned um it’s already continued learning process but learning to deal with anxiety and stress and depression for by taking the time out so yes the medicines

Work and from another point of view i think it’s best medicines definitely do work in terms of fact that they’re using the performance-enhancing drug in some sports so things like golf and target shooting people take leader blockers also this one built in bantam the olympics for taking propranolol before so if someone’s gonna risk being kicked out the olympics

For taking their performance has been drugged it means they definitely do work well i think for me the placebo could be at least fifty percent of what works is me taking taking one of these and then give myself to half an hour to kind of calm down and be stress and let the anxiety wash away so interestingly also when you read the side effects or for this drug that

Depression isn’t actually one of the possible side effects it’s quite interesting because i think most a lot of people who have anxieties also mix quite strongly with depression so that that’s one of the reasons i don’t necessarily like taking tablets because you can end up getting yourself going down the road of side effects and and also becoming dependent on these

By myself although i don’t necessarily rely on you i don’t take them everywhere i go if i’m around the house and i’m feeling stressed or anxious i’ll take one of these but and yeah never use comes the pendulum a few times in the last life maybe must has been are stressful situations and i’ve only ever had the one packet prescribed so i haven’t had a lying around

Everywhere if i lose if i can’t find the tablets that almost creates more stress for me then i feel more anxious by the factor i feel i need one so i can’t find them so whether how long i think i’ll continue taking them for i don’t want to be on these for too long so i’ve probably taken less now probably any probably less than once a week i’ll find myself in a

Situation actually meet them so i don’t think i’ve got an inviting to the point what bad is like a lot of people do i’m quite lucky in the fact i know the things for me that i know the things for me in my life set a good at reducing anxiety like go for a run take a dog for a walk go for a bike ride ride on the ponies things like this so so then it is my thoughts if

You’re if you’re being sort of prescribed propranolol by your doctor i think definitely an avenue worth exploring because for me they have worked i think there’s no shame in tour taking tablets for anxiety depression things like this but i do think there’s better ways of kind of dealing with it either alongside tablets or way from tablets or whatever works for you

Everybody everybody kind of in their own situation whatever works for you nice long-term money for me tabs on long-term arts and these have been like a nice kind of reset for me and and maybe look at trying again clean up my diet reduce alcohol more so acting more running more activities i like and then kind of use that in my life going forward but if you have any

Questions about propranolol beta blockers or things like if i may possibly help with obviously number one is to go see your doctor that if you have any questions from one own personal experiences happy to help leaving the comments below and yeah here’s a happy living and i’ll see you next video

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Propranolol – Beta Blocker for Anxiety – My Experience By FiftyOneNorth