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Provera Day #2

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Follow our journey of TTC baby #2

Hey youtube so we’re back today with day two of taking provera also known as majazi progesterone i am on it for ten days ten milligrams per day if you’re new to my channel hi my name is crystal and i’m trying to conceive baby number two so yesterday we left off with side-effects that i was feeling from my first day on provera and those side effects were me being

A little bit more tired and i had upsets when i killed i’ll be honest so after i finished filming that video the day wasn’t over and i had a bit more side effects than i was expected to have but it’s to be expected you know your body’s giving it’s on the hormone that you’re not used to hey so yesterday after i got my video you didn’t notice once in a while i was

Getting hives it wasn’t a crazy not a high as i thought i was just like one would pop up on my cheek and it would be edgy and then it just disappeared that is when the side effects of taking povera is skin rashes or phibes i was very very and still today i’m emotional it’s not it’s the bad emotional it’s not the kind of emotional that’s like i’m depressed or

Whatever but it’s the kind of emotional that’s like i’m definitely pmsing and you could say something in wrong way or you couldn’t drop a dime and i will just have flow beyond tears like i said i don’t feel terribly different you know i still feel like myself i haven’t had any cramping so there is something tmi about this video so if you’re not comfortable or

You’re a family member that’s not comfortable watching this you can click out now this morning i do wake up and still continue to have sore breasts they’re a bit tender normally during my cycle i do have one side that’s a bit more and larger hurts more and that is doesn’t see my left side so today noticed okay my body is doing something because normal before i

Say a cycle that i get if i ever get them and that always happens i always get one enlarged breast it’s always the left side so last night before bed i wasn’t feeling too anxious for anything about taking the pill you know i had a good day i felt energized after i took a nap and everything so i’m laying in bed asleep and i have read plenty of reviews of people

Saying that they’ve gotten night terrors or nightmares or jumped out of bed and i was like that’s probably very i’m like clean and i feel bad for those people but i’m probably not gonna be one let me tell you all night i was like jumping out of bed and i had these night terrors and it wasn’t even like it wasn’t even like i had nightmares per se but i felt so

Anxious in my sleep that every five seconds i was just waking up of a point i asked my husband i was like is that you freaking out or not me clearly it was me i just you know wish it was him no that’s made of me to say but i i don’t know i didn’t think that the aside effects been praying to god that tonight is not the same way with that but if it is whatever

I only have eight more days to go yeah eight more days to go being on provera after i want to let you guys know after this journey ends on me taking these pills i do plan on keeping up with you guys and the journey of my trying to conceive story of baby number two i know act i should be expecting breakthrough bleeding between two to ten days after taking the

Medication and then we’re gonna start trying to conceive every cycle after so i hope you guys stay tuned to hear updates about that and i’m really excited and yeah so i don’t really have too many pms symptoms besides being emotional and like i said my breast tenderness so we’ll see give tomorrow changes but yeah that’s that and that’s a wrap no but seriously if

You guys read povera let me know down in the comments what kind of symptoms you had and if any of mine relate to you and if you have these terrible night terrors but i can’t seem to shake off but alright guys i will see you tomorrow hopefully nothing else changes tonight but i need to update you on tomorrow like it did yesterday but yeah we’ll see alright i’ll

See you guys tomorrow for pilbara day number 3 bye guys

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Provera Day #2 By Charlie And Me