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Provera Day 7!!!!

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Day 7 of side effects! Come along this journey with me!

Hey youtube welcome back to my channel if you’re new subscribe and like this video so today i am back with tove era day 7 i can’t believe we’re actually in the homestretch of being done with the pills and then i can start my cycle so today i’m feeling so much better than yesterday i’m able to get out of bed and i’m not really feeling dizzy i’m having heart palpitations

Or anything i feel really good and pretty sure it was just extra tired so today um as far as side-effects goes i’ve kind of had the same off and on the whole time i’ve been on provera today i feel very emotional i feel like once again i can cry at just like the drop of a dime i do have some breast tenderness still as far as like tramping or anything goes i haven’t

Had any of that this is definitely tmi so i got comfortable with it click out now please so my cervical mucus has definitely changed i noticed during provera it’s fine now but mid of when i was taking it maybe like the halfway point a little bit before it was definitely a different texture color everything so i wasn’t expecting that but that changed yeah like

I said i i did ask my husband and i said what are some things that i’m not recognizing and myself as far as side effects those or symptoms or anything that you see in me that’s different than normal so he said that i’m acting like i’m already on my period that’s great he said i’m just been really emotional and he’s right on this one i have been craving food like

Crazy i did gain some weight being on provera and i think it’s because the fact that a side effect and be it’s the fact that i’m eating and eating and i don’t feel full like ever like i don’t feel full i could eat as much as i want and like five minutes later and like okay like i don’t kill stuff same thing goes with me thirsty i’m constantly feeling thirsty like

I need a drink not sure if it’s just the weather because of what there’s kind of cooler here right now but especially at nighttime i am dying of heat sweating i always need to have my fan on so i could definitely tell that this is a hormonal pill because i’m definitely acting like i’m already got a period so yeah today is day seven i have three days left to go

Of provera i am excited i’m nervous for the jewelry that’s gonna come i’m hoping that my cycle isn’t terrible and i’m just putting on my faith and trust in god that this clears out my body and i could start the journey of trying to conceive again so i keep me in your prayers and i hope you guys have a wonderful day and i’ll see you tomorrow for their a day eight

Which will be only two more days until i am done alright guys see you later

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Provera Day 7!!!! By Charlie And Me