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Provera Day 9&10!

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Hey guys so i’m coming to you today with a really just laid back video i have to update you guys on provera day 9 and 10 so today was my last day of taking provera i’m a jockey progesterone head milligrams for 10 days so yesterday i was really emotional really picky really agitated i had some cramping yesterday not terrible and then today i just feel tired today i

I pad okay this is really tmi but i’ve had like a really low sex drive like this whole time being on it i still feel really agitated with comes two little things i could probably wouldn’t get upset about and i asked my husband to like what other things and you know he saw in me with this experience and that was me the biggest thing he said was my emotions and my

Sex drive of course did it by side side my appetite has been crazy i have had appetite of a lifetime let me tell you guys and i’ve been really thirsty today also i’m breaking out pretty bad lighten those hives again just like a few itchy ones here and there on my chin i’m really glad that it’s over though because i feel extra tire this whole time and i keep getting

Really better heart palpitations and i’m pretty sure it’s just due to the increase of hormone i’m having but i’m praying to god that it’ll just subside once i finish the pills which today i did so i’ll thank you guys when i start if i start hopefully soon my brakes are bleeding withdraw bleeding and then give you guys how i’m feeling day to day with my cycles so

Pray that all works out well and i’m safe with everything and pray that god will turn this mess into a blessing all right so my talks with the distro and provera we are over with i am breaking up with you i’m glad about it i can’t wait to start having more energy and i’m irritated at the fact that i’m irritated all the time so i’m happy that it’s done but all right

Guys i’ll see you later not sure when i’ll post another video i’m not sure i’m going to post in between the breakthrough bleeding and now so i’ll just like you guys know what happens i guess i will see you soon take care also let me know what your guys the symptoms were or how you felt on provera i know a lot of people say that their emotions are the biggest thing –

Yeah i’m just so over but the experience could have been worse so i’m just taking it day by day this is like my third time saying goodbye but i don’t know i don’t really also say i just i’m really glad it’s over i’m glad day 10 is here i’m nervous because i heard a lot of people’s periods are like really violent but i’ve had heavy periods before so i’m just hoping

It’s something like that so yeah alright guys provari they tend down the hatchet and that’s that so see you guys when everything’s that’s a forward bye

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Provera Day 9&10! By Charlie And Me