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Pseudoephedrine Sunday, or: The Porpoise Petting Zoo – part 2

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the travesty continues

There is a ghost so this is occupied car park this is the center this is the the kind of meeting that will come to be remembered as the meeting that started the occupy i learned about my i’m sorry everyone for the break in the video we had to we’d eaten too many chips in one spot the cats were starting to become alert as you can see this is a desolate landscape

Behind my house it’s not a safe area for chip consumption that’s for sure but we’re on the move now it’s bit better save the queen look at that chat hey cats thai food like i feel like it we should do that no i cops on that to dot videos up on them that software the damn bored no i can’t it’s not work why isn’t the flash on splice just take a photo of it and

Put the photo in and then all over all right house is supposed to be a bad what’s that’s like a condemned house yeah yeah it has giant holes in the roof yeah but there’s a light that’s pretty good all right so we’re in see if i can get the flash on nice this is the abandoned two or three level car park which doesn’t have a ramp to the second or third level but is

Still is still a car park homes on the second level somehow it has all of the things that a car park would have but as far as anyone can tell there is never a ramp up here jose what are you hello children jose take my bro thank you to lugar you nice this is a video yeah this is a video yeah well this is a rooftop there’s a problem like you guys are like a creative

Act but now you’re also a also a political force in the occupy occupy car park movement obviously you split off from the occupy sydney kind of block we’ve started our own sect yeah drugs man picture of those pies we’re trying really hard to make it yeah it is it’s really good don’t film with her why not no i’m gonna keep filming the skyline you sure well carolee

See the skyline you chub chub chub where’s my tub or a cheapy i’m trying to find him there’s my chip chip um this is the point where you ask us about how influences that’s what they usually yeah so what are your political and artistic influences yeah thanks oh yeah luv shuv them yet don’t get his name wrong it’s all come and who would be a main umaine creative

Influence probably monsieur go i’d say um we should go dan brown dan brown yeah for his politics are for his prose far as music for us okay here’s my most yeah tom hanks and i’m brad did a collaborative mixtape i had the fence everybody was quite it’s called sit down the windy do tom hanks citizen citizen he was on special the wind in the will is not the way bathe

I was like good really that was it distinctly know the sound the wind would suddenly make sound maybe it was a cassis is it cloverfield into a fight arnold and put claro foot closer till it’s pretty big you want to get into a fight with movers coming out to see us i’m gonna die not rick ever getting the void just scoping it up groping it out roofing it up they’re

Probably right there staring at my flash larry larry dealt with it and leveled up so that’s yeah one spooked metro is a couple of books yeah i love you later i would i would i would be a friend can we just leave our stuff at your house look and you bring it next week you’re gay i have your proof to phone you know what you’re right

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Pseudoephedrine Sunday, or: The Porpoise Petting Zoo – part 2 By Doice