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Psoriasis and the Feet, Part 2: Treating Pustular Psoriasis of the Skin

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Now the type of psoriasis that you have here in your feet you have what we call a pustular psoriasis where you get this little little white blisters that have uh sterile pus in it a little bit but it’s not an infection it’s just a inflammatory reaction from the arthritis so you get them here here there you go little ones all over the place uh with this

And again it’s not a uh it’s not an infection so you have to worry about that issue okay but you see it in different types of psoriasis particularly this pustular type and there’s the plaque psoriasis and you kind of got both so you got the plaques and you got a little bit of the pustules here so because you have the psoriasis i’m not going to use the blade

On the skin i’m going to kind of file it down here with the water attachment so we don’t scratch the skin and cause another plaque okay is okay it’s clearing up pretty nicely here now that i’m cleaning the scaly part up you can really see the little pustules and there’s no need for me to go in and try to pop them all one is so many two they’ll take care of

Themselves so you don’t want to go home and try to pop them yourself either just keep putting the medication on at your uh dermatologist prescribed for you you have a little bit on the bottom but more on the heels on the side you saw where these little little red spots are those used to be customers that have dried up a few those little red spots yeah they

Used to have that puss in it when the puss goes away and dries up and they’re just little red spots it can yes what is yeah yeah they should take care of them i’ll have one of my staff show you the catalog for that for the diabetic shoes okay i’m looking better here foreign so so so um all right so remember don’t do any of this type of work

At home either by yourself or anyone else to do it for you at home right just apply the medication that’s been prescribed by your dermatologist okay okay do that regularly because you have the double whammy of the psoriasis and the diabetes so you don’t want one causing problems for the other all right i’m gonna see you back in a month instead of usual every

Two months i want to see how the plaques are coming along and everything after today’s treatment looking better here should be less itchy and everything and remember if anything ever goes wrong with your your feet you have an injury or anything like you did to this toe you got to let me know right away don’t wait until your next appointment because you know

Sometimes things like this i’m going to take a few days to really get out of hand okay we don’t want to be out here you know doing amputations and stuff like that and we can avoid it all right my friend looking much better here and stuff this is kevin jefferson the dc foot doctor thank you for watching this video like it with a big thumbs up and subscribe

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Psoriasis and the Feet, Part 2: Treating Pustular Psoriasis of the Skin By DC Foot Doctor