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Psychiatrist continues and Geodon starts

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The title says it all. Oh and my psychiatrist thinks i am a drug addict

It’s okay everyone false alarm i didn’t od i was watching it and i got to the part where i was like i hope i didn’t take two so that’d be bad sorry i’m over here and um i saw it and there we go and um i was like i didn’t so what i was saying was i wouldn’t talk to him because i was really messed up and it was like actually like three days before my actual

Appointment and i was like oh well what the that’s kind of pointless but anyway i did what i’m supposed to do i was being proactive so it’s not only a pimple cream it’s the way you should live um so yeah um he put me on he gave me that test and stuff so i’m i’m talking to my mom and she goes oh and you know what that test is for that your intention you have

To take this for and i was like yeah my white blood count she goes no he wants to see if you’re on cocaine and i’m like what and i was so pissed off actually i was really hurt like i was pissed off but i was hurt i was like i told them i don’t do drugs i don’t do drugs i don’t lie about doing drugs i can’t say i don’t lie i’m not a monk or something um and

What do they have to lie about they’re always quiet i mean that’s kind of like a hey i’ll be a monk so i don’t have to watch pathological liars become monks because then you’re covered um unless you’re like i’m a monk and then you start talking which then you’d be living a lie and that would just be enabling this so um um that was funny that was funny i poked

A hole trying to you know sit through it i didn’t have the cap fully closed so it all poured all over me that was funny that that me falling on my ass in the chair i obviously do very stupid things on video like um anyway um and so i was talking to my girlfriend like i’m so upset because like i said that why why doesn’t he trust me so then i was like looking up

Jadon because then my sister was freaking out my sister who’s a nurse was freaking out because she’s like i’ve only ever seen that given the schizophrenics and i’m like well and then i remembered the video that i made when i was on geodan and it was like for manic and bye or bipolar one manic and schizophrenic and i’m like and i was like i’m not schizophrenic and

I’m not fully bipolar on my polar type two which i found out actually that i’m not i’m bipolar type one just through the way i’ve been going lately the five percent that can upgrade i’m part of it i’m a part of it i like being part of statistics you know i do what i can i mean i could have been diagnosed wrong too so maybe i’m not five percent but maybe that is

The five percent who knows what came first the chicken or the egg if a tree fell in the forest no one was around would it make noise that is the question my friends um so i was like looking up geodata and you know what’s really good to do is look up the drug online and then they they had virginia down at least basically with that big old like thing i pulled out

Like paper that when you open the drugs like this is just samples so and it’s got like everything it’s got a diagram of what the thing looks like um chemical wise like the you know strands or whatever and it gives like it gave like a percentage of first off it said that geodan is very commonly when given to people who are substance abusers it can become addicting

Personally i don’t know why and maybe it’s because i’m not a substance abuser it’s not addictive to me i don’t see anything addictive about it it’s annoying you have to eat it with peanut butter because ooh i forgot to take the peanut butter um see it makes you sleep um so i i guess that’s a good thing you wake up and you’re not groggy i mean i don’t know that

Many drug abusers who are very worried about catching up on their beauty rest but hey you know i don’t know that many drug abusers um so anyway i’m like well good he doesn’t think because it was like barbiturates opiates cocaine cannabis something else quaaludes or something and i’m like what’s the flip and flip man what the flip and um so i was really down

And then i really looked and it says like the percentage of people who experience symptoms of and what symptoms they’re categorizing or like respiratory skin whatever urinary and whatever um nervous system like that kind of thing so what was i saying oh um so i did that and i looked at it which was kind of nice it was like okay so this is what i can expect out

Of it and this is what i can not expect anyway there’s gonna be a lot of videos i have to post um i might just start with the previous one because i kind of talked about what i did in the last one um and so i’m like okay he doesn’t think i’m a crack addict he still kept trying to push me out when i felt like i had a lot of time left and so i wanted to bring

That up with my therapist my mom really did so let’s see um um i go and i see my therapist and today i know oh my gosh it’s been out of control um so i went and saw my therapist we’ll talk about my therapist then we’ll make another video about something else and then another one about mania because i gotta tell you about my day so i went and saw him and he’s

Really cool i can’t wait to start working with him but i found out that the average psychiatric meeting at least for the company is 15 minutes 40 dollars for 15 minutes um i’m pretty sure i’m like selling my soul to satan or something because that’s ridiculous but hey if that’s what they do and i need my drugs so whatever i’ll meet my dealer i mean people pay

More money for that and they you know meet their dealer for four seconds so i mean but then again i’m also paying for drugs so i’m just paying to chit chat about them but sometimes you have to pay to have friends the truth so um yeah i’m gonna go to get peanut butter and go to the bathroom and then i’ll be back

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Psychiatrist continues and Geodon starts By IAmNotMyDisorder