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Hi loves!

Hey let’s welcome back how are you all doing today we’re going to talk about my simple skincare routine these are my honest reviews and i wouldn’t want to share anything if i haven’t tried it my go-to and honest authentic experience with these products so let’s get started so first i want to explain the type of skin that i have so basically i have a combination

Skin i have very oily t-zone and i have dry skin on my cheeks so a first step on my simple skin care routine is we have to cleanse her face cleanser face actually i only cleanse my face in the evening i don’t clean my face in the morning i leave the natural oils so your face would be supple and beaming the first product that i really really love with burrito if

The galacto niacin 97 power essence this is my second bottle and this is my old bottle i’ve seen so much difference on my skin with this galacto niacin power essence it has galacta myiasis for men to filtrate niacinamide which is good for brightening safe green level ingredients intensive sebum control whitening and anti-wrinkle approved by kfda this is such

A game-changer i really really recommend this product i wouldn’t not talk about it if i don’t like it and if i didn’t try it for i guess two months this video was like a long overdue one because i didn’t really want to talk about it unless i have tried it myself to check the ingredients of your products i’ll link you down to paula’s choice where you can find

The specific ingredients if it’s good for you if it’s good for your skin especially those who have problematic skin we have the sea buckthorn vital 70 creams so this is my day cream which i usually pair up with the galacto 1997 it has a awg green level ingredients hypo fave romanovs fruit extract sea buckthorn 70 percent citrus iran tm doses orange peel oil and

Macadamia turn if olya seed oil 4 percent whitening and anti wrinkle approved by kfda the deep sea pure water cream so the deep sea water cream it has deep sea water 60% niacinamide which is good for brightening whitening an anti wrinkle approved 15 free system culebra lentil affero extract lemon aria japonica extracts the cornea herb ischia extract so this is good

For moisturizing i use this both in the morning and in the evening basically my morning and evening skincare routine is very similar and i really really love this i love the scent it’s very moisturizing and it feels so supple when you use it next we have my centella green level eye cream because we are aging especially when you are 25 and above you have to start

Taking care of your skin or in vessel skins then makeup firming and protective for wrinkled eyes own palmitoyl peptide complex method casick acid so there are a lot of assets here and i usually use this in the morning and in the night time last from our poor little line i have there centella green level safe sun spf 50 sunscreen so it is spf 50 safe ingredient

For all skin types uv shield brightening anti-wrinkle calming and moisturizing no sticky and no white cast such a big big investment such an amazing i don’t like wearing sunscreen i hate sunscreens this one changed my decision of not using sunscreen it’s really good it is worth it and using your sunscreen is actually the cheapest as prevention so prevention is

Better than cure guys when i have those crazy breakouts before your period which actually always happens i have this atella blemish cream by cos rx it is so good and it is super effective when i have those pesky pimples i just plays like directly on it during nighttime and the next day it is just there’s no redness at all and it’s just magic i don’t know it’s

Just super effective always always hydrate always drink water it is the secret to glowing skin you have to have seven to eight hours of rest to calm your body for your body to rejuvenate your another thing for glowing skin is to have a positive mind to have a positive outlook simply thankful or grateful it will naturally and just free-flowing li come out in your

Skin and that’s all guys i think that would be the greatest secret to a beautiful egg glowing skin thank you so much for watching guys bye

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