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Kintor Pharmaceutical’s anti-androgen KX-826 (pyrilutamide) phase 2 clinical trial results is finally out! Watch the video to find out what happened!

Hey guys what’s going on welcome to another video on my channel her deliciously if you guys are new to the channel please make sure to subscribe so you guys are updated on hair loss and hair transplant topics as well as updates on current hair loss treatments in the pipeline visit my website at to purchase your micro needle device which is

Scientifically proven to stimulate hair growth by low level laser therapy cap dht blocking shampoo conditioner and serum hair with vitamins and a few other products to help those who are losing hair so in today’s video i actually have some really exciting news that i wanted to share with you guys regarding the chinese company kintore pharmaceuticals topical

Non-steroidal anti-antigen kxa26 also commonly known as pyroludamide uh let me do a quick recap on kx826 for those who are new to the channel and haven’t really been following their progress basically the only two fda approved hair loss medications that is currently available in the us is finasteride which is a five alpha reductase inhibitor that lowers scalp and

Systemic dh levels and then we also have minoxidil aka rogaine which is a gross stimulant to this day you know despite after it being more than two decades we still don’t have better hair loss treatments let alone an fda approved hair loss treatment that directly targets the angine receptor and this is when kinthor pharmaceutical can come in fill that void and give

Us another arsenal that we can actually add to our hair loss stack to slow down the progression of angina alopecia now because anti-androgens can prevent testosterone your dht other endogenous androgens from binding to angine receptors in the hair vocals the chances of it actually going systemic is very low it’s very minimal and it can potentially open up the

Doors for people who have you know suffered from adverse side effects from finasteride to task right a lot of these people suffer from you know sexual dysfunction low libido and even for those people who have not responded favorably and because it does work in a different mechanism of action you can combine it with a five air inhibitor and a growth stimulant you

Can use micro needling to maximize your hair growth potential by targeting hair loss through various mechanisms of action a five ar inhibitor like finasteride or tetastride will work in slowing down hair loss for the majority of users but you also have to realize that there are still going to be remnants of scalp and systemic dht and engines that are circulating

The system let alone a spike in testosterone levels which you know obviously is still going to be angiogenic in nature so for someone who is suffering from an aggressive form of angina alopecia or for somebody who is no longer responding to treatment throwing in an anti-androgen like kxa 26 to target the android receptors from binding to androgens can greatly help

Slow down the progression of hair loss and give you you know that extra layer of protection that five area inhibitors are not able to give kantor pharmaceutical has finally released the long dreaded phase to clinical trial results of kx 8026 and luckily the results are very promising so phase two looked into the efficacy and safety of kxa 26 in a multicentered

Randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial that involved a total of 120 chinese adult males with a mean age of about 35 years all the men involved in the study were between a nord 3 vertex 2 a nord 5 and they were assigned various concentrations of kx826 2.5 milligram which is point 25 concentration twice a day 5 milligram 0.5 concentration once

Daily 5 milligrams 0.5 concentration twice a day and then we have placebo from this clinical trial the goal was to look at the mean change from baseline in the number of non-veloc hairs in the target area after 24 weeks of treatment as well as changes in the hair diameter the graph on the left shows the mean changes in total area hair count from baseline at 24

Weeks of treatment and we can clearly see that application of five milligrams 0.5 percent concentration of pyruvite twice a day had the highest efficacy for increased hair count at nearly 23 hairs per centimeter squared and then the mean change in total area hair count in the placebo group on the right also shows five milligram twice a day application had the

Most significant improvement by over 15 hairs per centimeter squared now to put this in perspective studies on point 25 topical finasteride and one milligram finasteride after 24 weeks of treatment were around 20 to 21 hairs per centimeter squared so the efficacy in terms of increased hair count with pyruludamide actually surpasses that of finasteride and is

Even comparable to that of 0.5 milligram dutasteride now this is incredible news because we know that pyrolunamide is now even more efficacious than finasteride orally or topically and this is with a different mechanism of action which means that if you were to stack it with other hair loss treatments like minoxidil and you know finasteride with asteroid you’re

Very likely to see even more improvement in hair growth now this next table here shows secondary efficacy endpoints that look into the changes in total area hair count and total area hair width after six 12 and 18 weeks of treatment we can still continue to see that at each specified week interval five milligram twice a day was most efficient for both total area

Hair count and total area hair width now let’s go ahead and take a look at the results um showing the safety of kx826 after 14 days of topical application the systemic exposure of kxa 26 and this metabolite kx982 reached the steady state and vivo transdermal blood concentrations were low in all those groups with detectable kxa 26 blood concentrations ranging

From 0.3 to 4.1 nanograms per milliliter and kx 982 blood concentrations ranging from 0.4 to 10.4 nanograms per milliliter so obviously you know this does show that it’s going to go to your bloodstream that it goes systemic but at very low levels three cases of those reduction due to adverse events were classified as grade one contact dermatitis grade two rash

And grade one paritis incidence of adverse drug reactions was sixteen point one percent with paritis at five point nine percent being the most common adverse reaction followed by contact dermatitis at two point five percent grade three and four hypertriglycemia occurred once each in one case but baseline triglyceride values were high no serious adverse events

No series adverse drug reaction and no deaths occurred you guys might say 16.1 percent adverse drug reaction may seem pretty high but luckily most of them were due to skin irritation and the most important thing that i got out of this was that there were no known sexual side effects i think this is a huge win because most people who stop using finasteride or

Detasteride is because of it going systemic and causing unwanted you know sexual side effects like erectile dysfunction low libido but despite kxa26 going systemic at low levels it was nevertheless very well tolerated now phase three clinical trials is going to include randomized the double-blinded placebo control parameters a total of 416 male subjects with a

Duration treatment of 24 weeks and then finally a primary endpoint of change in number of non-vellus target area hair count from baseline to week 24. we probably should be getting an update on phase 3 clinical trial results sometime early next year and if all goes as planned i speculate that we can expect commercialization of kxa 26 pyrolutamine to be as early

As maybe 2023 to early to mid 2024 i’m sure some of you guys already know this about cantor but they also are undergoing phase one clinical trials for gt-20029 which is an angina receptor degrader that degrades the ar protein and reduces the sensitivity of ar to androgens without you know too much systemic exposure and accumulation of the drug so you know this

Also holds a lot of promise in the future of treating hair loss yet through another incredible mechanism of action because being able to target and degrade certain proteins in general not just for treating hair loss is going to open up the path and being able to target specific proteins in the body that can cause abnormal growth like you know different types of

Cancers and therefore theoretically curing a plethora of diseases this is incredible news like i said i’m super excited in the direction that kentor pharmaceutical is heading towards cantor is by far one of my most favorite hair loss treatment companies and this is one of the few companies that i really you know just uh honestly feel that is going to do really

Well once this is commercialized i definitely plan on adding an anti-androgen to my hair loss green stack there are people who are already you know using kxa 26 but i want to wait and see what facebook clinical trials are going to look like especially since they are going to have a larger population test size and i look forward to the results and i am fairly

Optimistic that they’re gonna do well and we’ll definitely keep you guys posted about kxa26 but that wraps up this video guys let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on kx826 pyrolunamide thanks for your support thanks for watching make sure to smash the like button for more hair loss content and i will keep you guys updated on phase 3 clinical trials

As soon as i receive them but until then i will talk to you guys in my next video take care guys you

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