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Can you guys all there i’m going to go the coffee this way yep james where we going casa bella p yeah games let’s this is quite year as a nears its to squad service so oh they’re lending unity yeah all right the think of doing is on the see if i can get up oh okay feels better now just give me a wingman trash good i got a trio one enough for all thanks oh no

Oh that’s like five if you want yeah i should have probably do one today but no wrong for it here in talk to you guys yeah yeah so like i know yep you destroy down mmm-hmm oh throw it down yeah good there’s a to exci here songs on my right yeah yeah i’m good yeah yeah i’m watching boss so you saw no no nice obama if you came closer on top okay yeah on this side

Barking blue pathfinder boy meets maybe he’s running all the way out there one shot find out all right it’s an online here wouldn’t it neither dan’ichiro i mean the extent is neck so you knew papa papa energy extended yeah thanks more people over here yeah i know user who’s on it ah what you seen us to rise you know man yeah hold on let’s see okay why don’t i

Just hold on i need you luck you’re gonna push through me i’m sorry i’m sorry cool anything it’s night then you know which window do ya not i’m coming back this you can push out you know one right yeah i’m down one i just cause i wrong watch out yeah oh now you destroy a skull is there someone else here go say there’s one last crit on top here on top they came

From there on their own oh this guy’s got heels that’s real cool that he for you this you dropping the gun right now you girl on the spot money gary you move someone else this year okay it’s okay yeah i see butts up the bottom someone is using janna okay okay okay this is hana yay what hell he’s one shot one knock that’s not what’s up behind you for your yeah

I do the portal yeah yeah they have to come through this way yeah we should be careful too if we might get say oec yeah actually we should have just kill them you’re horrible it might be right they may go right side thank you yeah almost kill almost killed that crypto yeah i’m not one of them the gb yeah you’re so dirty viewers really go you know i mean i don’t

See them coming let’s go you think it a kill rate from the madding any energy round actually feeling the cost of it no usually we’ll just carry one stay always just carry to energy next i’m not like okay it’s gonna in here here out here i think as a respawn that was just a head that way that’s right let’s get school in tight for a bit go back there oh wait

I’ll wait up for you guys oh i got a kill so they left him alone i don’t know so much for being teammates think i was scared half lights remain only the vault is looped it was in this is actually only get-together site maybe someone left something i’m scared it is suited you you sir yeah extend the light come on there’s a camper spot here be careful see this

First what i’m checking some looting here that’ll work okay the only thing that i got here yep although i get up right why not wash up back so just gonna close in are they all gonna come in here yeah i don’t understand these guys why they going there what’s he doing he went here they’re coming they’re coming up from they’re coming off from here then so arrest

Us all right yeah it’s gonna be like two sports they’re terrible to see let’s see if come-come was it the saw let’s go there wanna kill that sport their squads gonna be here yeah yeah already yeah they’re fighting we’re gonna push off yeah you can point guys down one going on my what’s got it down let’s finish when the house when the house watch shop one day

Go past my humor what if you ah one shot to see all this he’ll there’s on the other side he game that’s another squad that’s another squad that got me i know i too big too big an angle bro again it’ll be smash it’s just a vise left on this one it’s alright it’s alright we don’t need to that need some huge oh boy like anything on you but yeah names ip make it

Super bright portal just say what do you guys need feedback i got six of their pc yeah i need an it back i don’t need anything i need be well i think one big bet on me bet you guys have known i’ve caught you i’ll tell you one more it’s double clicking man stupid reason mouth move when 29 will go down or they also dead yeah i knew we need to move okay come here

Let’s go let’s go covering think of a caravan thingy let me get behind i think is only one guy in front of us really this is thick we just ate here for a bit wanna make sure the one back steps is windy if i don’t need so so mission yeah much anything it’s gonna hold your sight i’m safe here i would look like with no i’m from behind yeah second floor let’s come

Up closer to a site so there’s a guy here cool guys really i am blue don’t force it nobody in my gdl go house blah huh oh all right let’s take this biggest office it’s a lost what’s gonna get that lucky you still rufus and go to snipe okay hana don’t think too much damage he’s here oh yeah yeah i drove you to ready yep we know you to commit yeah figueroa england

They all hear that thing this guy half on us being there at the window people need yeah i gotta get clothes on the floor that night it’s alright it’s alright with your clothes news i don’t want to say anything on underneath um hey razzy we’re gonna kill this guy’s not so much below in the house yeah they just missed okay let’s go in come you know just you up

Your butt oh yes stop forgetting raising thank you yeah let’s blast off let me let me think i got nightmare i want to lose those guys for a bill hughes is someone close up someone’s inside our building hold on i’m gonna stop up my tracks right fund it and get them again i need some more people in it all day let me know what you guys done thank you don’t you

Don’t have to don’t have anything okay once more hiding yourself all right i got one yeah one ronnie that’s me i got none okay i got cells i was in self about three cells and it’s okay oh there is one one behind appearing under the house and i don’t want to get back step i’ve seen what you i can put us in two days okay oh thanks pop all that purple where he

Crashed he crashed you see aah aah scream hey give 99 probably i don’t have all you got i think that in the house right um there was – that’s all over he yeah yeah i got four stars yeah yes right just jumped from one into the other people over here and one but if i think someone know they just i’m gonna i’ll start attending a bit yep got a digi track do you

Want to do it let’s go let’s go i’m going off markham peple right one down

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