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Que es el TADALAFIL #tadalafil #tadalafilo

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👨‍⚕️ ¿Tienes un amigo que quiere saber qué es el Tadalafil? ​​👨‍⚕️

Do you have a friend who wants to know what tadalafil is? my name is eduardo garcía cruz, i am a urologist and for more than 15 years i have been helping men who have problems in the sexual sphere and i am going to explain to you in this video what tadalafil is. tadalafil is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor. it is a drug that improves erections. these drugs were launched about 25

Years ago and it is important, it is a part of history, these drugs were developed as hypotensives, okay, what they were looking for was drugs that will lower blood pressure and they saw that these drugs do not lower blood pressure very much they are very bad hypotensive agents, but what they did see, however, is that they produced an improvement in erection. phosphodiesterase

5 inhibitors and tadalafil have also been tested, for example in women to try to improve female sexuality, and the results have been negative. therefore tadalafil is a drug that is only used for male erectile dysfunction, for male sexual dysfunction. tadalafil is a medicine whose main characteristic is that it lasts a long time, it takes between one and two hours to achieve

The effect, but the effect lasts up to 36 hours and that is why they called it the weekend pill. tadalafil is also used in some other diseases related to the sexual sphere, for example, there are some studies that show that tadalafil could improve premature ejaculation just like sildenafil or other medications of the same from the same family and we are also using tadalafil

Especially in the acute phase, in the active phase, of peyronie’s disease. but especially where its main indication is the treatment of erectile dysfunction. is it effective in treating erectile dysfunction? yes. the answer is that it is very effective, it depends above all on the degree of erectile dysfunction you have. that is, if you have severe erectile dysfunction,

If you can’t get an erection at all, the chance that tadalafil will get you to get an erection is about four out of ten when you have moderate erectile dysfunction it would probably be six out of ten and when you have mild erectile dysfunction, that is, you can penetrate but the erection is not what you used to have, we are at around 80 or 90 percent efficiency. therefore it

Is a is people who have respiratory heart problems who can’t walk 100 meters or who can’t climb a flight of stairs because they drown or because they have angina pectoris because these people can’t have activity sexual and therefore cannot use tadalafil; on the other hand, men who use nitrates, which is a type of medicine used for heart attacks and angina and which are usually

Used as a patch or as a spray under the tongue, you will see them in movies when the actor pretends that he has a heart attack and takes a bottle and puts a pill in his mouth, well that’s a nitrate, when people who use nitrates can’t use phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors and in fact, yes, and it’s not very common, but if you have , if you have had chest pain while using tadalafil

You have to tell your doctor okay because nitrates cannot be used. however, this is something super super super rare. the most common side effects of tadalafil are headache , stomach pain, and back pain. headache pain and stomach ache, especially back pain, is more or less specific, tadalafil can cause muscle pain in the back but also in the legs, headache and stomach pain

They are quite common. something that is important to understand is that the percentage of side effects is not so important, but the percentage of abandonment associated with side effects and i explain it to you, it is easy to understand. if you have one, a bit of a headache, but the medication works well for you, you have a side effect, but it is nonetheless mild and you are

Not going to leave the drug for sure. as a result of the side effect and the answer is 1 in 20. 5% of men who use tadalafil stop the drug due to side effects but i already tell you that it is very little, very rare. when i have to be prescribed tadalafil that is something you have to discuss with your doctor you can discuss it with me if you have erectile dysfunction you can

Use tadalafil if you don’t have any of the contraindications you can use tadalafil and that should improve your erection in some other diseases or situations as well you can use as i mentioned. it is a medicine today in spain that is delivered only under medical prescription and prescription and currently they are not covered by social security and therefore they have to be

Paid for. a question that i get asked a lot is what happens if i drink, what happens if i eat… if you drink alcohol, generally speaking, alcohol and fatty foods tend to interfere with the effectiveness of some of the other drugs in the tadalafil family. however, with tadalafil it is not like that, you can use tadalafil and then drink something, have a large meal and that,

Generally speaking, is not going to reduce the effectiveness of tadalafil, that is important. the other question i get asked quite often is if this type of medication is going to make me dependent on the drug, not if i’m going to become, quote unquote, addicted to tadalafil. and the answer is no. tadalafil is a drug that does not produce tolerance or dependence, there are

Many studies that show that, however, it is true, it is something that we see in clinical practice, that many men do not want to leave tadalafil, especially men who have erectile dysfunction, who don’t want to stop taking tadalafil because, well, the drug gives them security, gives them confidence and generates a certain attachment, a certain relationship and logically,

They don’t want to abandon treatment for fear of “i’m going to come back to be the same”, “it will happen to me again” etcetera, etcetera. there are ways to save that and that if it happens to you, if what i am telling you resonates with you, my advice is to talk to your doctor so that he can explain how this can be done so that you can stop taking tadalafil if you have

Already overcome the problem of dysfunction psychogenic erectile. so until here what i wanted to tell you i leave you here a link with information of interest as well as the description of the video. if you found the video useful, give it a like and subscribe to the channel. you know i have a friend that we have a ton of videos on urology and men’s health. greetings, bye!

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Qué es el TADALAFIL #tadalafil #tadalafilo By Tengo un amigo que…