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Hi this is josh i’m a pharmacist with pharmacist here to talk about quinapril the dosage of this medication and some of the side effects that we see from it first off what is quinapril it’s in a family of medications known as ace inhibitors the main effect of the ace inhibitors is that they relax the blood vessels that allows the blood pressure to go

Down they have some effect on the electrolytes as well like sodium and potassium but the main effect is that they cause your blood vessels to relax it’s used to treat heart failure high blood pressure and in certain diabetics they will use it to prevent further kidney damage in the us it’s sold under the brand name acuprill and it’s the tablets are available

In five milligram 10 milligram 20 and 40 milligram tablets now again your doses will vary these are just kind of some of the average doses we see with heart failure they a lot of times started off with the five milligram and it’s given twice a day generally in heart failure and it has to be slowly increased usually every week or two the dose can be increased

Up to the 40 milligrams twice a day high blood pressure we see it usually started at 10 to 20 milligrams once a day and that may go up to uh 80 milligrams a day for diabetic nephropathy or that kidney damage we were talking about it varies anywhere from 20 to 40 milligrams a day side effects of uh quinopril generally mild we do see it tolerated fairly well by

Most people dry cough it can happen with any of those ace inhibitors just kind of feels like a constant tickle in the back of the throat that happens of course you want to speak to your provider that most likely have to change to a different medication any blood pressure medicine can cause some dizziness drowsiness especially if you become dehydrated or if the

Medicine is simply working too well and your blood pressure is just too low now again uh i mentioned that briefly that potassium can go up with ace inhibitors so we want to avoid potassium supplements some salt supplements have potassium in them so you want to watch that and you just don’t want to make any dramatic changes to the amount of potassium in your diet

Without first talking to your health care provider sometimes we can see a change in heart rate diarrhea and vomiting can occur and rash other side effects again are possible rare and serious we can get uh swelling of the face and neck and this can sometimes make breathing difficult this would be something where you’d want to seek immediate medical attention birth

Defects can occur so this is not something that’s used during pregnancy liver problems also can happen and of course other side effects can happen as well i do appreciate you watching this video i’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel if you appreciate the information and you always want to be sure you don’t stop medication suddenly if you were to stop this

One quickly your blood pressure could go up into dangerous levels and we don’t want that to happen be sure you always speak with your health care provider if you feel like you’re having side effects you think you may be having an interaction or if you’re not sure if you can take it with other medications please always contact your health care provider

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