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Quit Smoking w/ Champix: Diary – Day 3

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Third day of my attempt to stop smoking using Varenicline (Champix / Chantix): number of cigarettes smoked down yesterday from the previous day, but still way too much. I realise how much smoking has become deeply embedded into the routine of my life, so it’s time to start thinking about changing that routine. Here goes nothing.

Morning guys it is monday is day three of my attempt to quit smoking using champ –ax i have run out of the just the morning pills we are now fully onto well from tomorrow anyway i wanted double tough will stop probably start posting to videos and good news yesterday i cut down and the day before it’s not about they they too may be even more cigarettes yesterday i

Don’t think it was any more than 24 25 which is still way too much cheese 24 25 more that i want to be smoking less put it that way and i took this morning’s pill about half an hour ago felt it but bit more sick today than i have done the previous two days not as much as i remember from previous camping smoking attempts quit smoking attempt sure to say well just

Enough i’ve noticed this morning and this is actually something i spoke to the smoking cessation nurse about a lot of my problem with quitting smoking is at least so embedded into my routine of my day and i’m self-employed i work from home i basically work here worm sap and i like pretty much up my day to myself i do as i please i love built in certain cigarette

Bricks you know i do a bit of work i stop go for a cigarette come back do a bit of work i stop i come go for a cigarette that’s the big problem for me is that it smoking is so deeply ingrained into my life it’s such a routine you know if i go out to catch the bus i’m waiting at the bus stop it’s a cigarette you know when i wake up first thing in the morning it’s a

Cigarette when i jump out the shower the first thing you do is put a towel on put my dressing gown on go for a cigarette and so the big task ahead isn’t just getting off the nicotine it’s changing these routines changing these habits finally something to do with myself when i’m normally smoking that will come that will come today is just a stepping stone to better

Things and a good friend of mine told me that once i had to get it tattooed on my wrist just to remind myself because it just makes so much sense every day is a stepping stone to bad things today is a stepping stone towards me being smoked three it’s not free i say and and that’s all i’ve got to say today i’m still getting used to making these videos to be able to

You know learning how to speak clearly cuz i almost um accent isn’t the most easiest to understand it’s from the north of england um but i’m just i’m making this attempt this b’s video today just to get into the habit of doing it i felt like i didn’t have a lot to say but the more i do these the more this becomes a habit the more focused i will be on not smoking

On getting smoke-free and staying smoke-free so with that i’ll leave it here for today i’ll be back tomorrow for day 4 and the starts off double pills woohoo okay thanks watching bye

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Quit Smoking w/ Champix: Diary – Day 3 By Chris Skoyles