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Quitting Caffeine – 9 Awesome Benefits!

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Quitting caffeine can seem like a daunting task, but there are some awesome benefits to it! In this video I share nine of them. From weight loss to better sleep, quitting caffeine can have a big impact on your life.

Caffeine and coffee and energy drinks these are all things that have become very socially acceptable energy drinks sponsor big events you can get a cup of coffee on every street corner almost in the world now that’s all good i’m not yet to kind of say that caffeine is the biggest evil in the world it’s not however for a lot of us there’s a pro and a con to these

Things right too much caffeine can be a problem in this video we’re going to look at nine awesome benefits of giving up caffeine i’m tim from leaving caffeine let’s get into it number one break the addiction caffeine is addictive for most people to some degree although it is sometimes even described as highly addicting a vicious cycle develops when dependence

On a substance to function properly or to steroid becomes necessary caffeine affects the chemistry of the brain necessitating more of the substance in order to achieve the desired effects when we quit drinking coffee or tea we break free from needing a daily drug to get through our days number two lower blood pressure one of the most serious problems associated

With caffeine consumption is high blood pressure caffeine stimulates the nervous system and causes the body to release adrenaline this increase in heart rate and blood pressure can be dangerous for people who already have hypertension quitting caffeine can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in addition quitting caffeine

Can also improve your sleep quality reduce stress levels and boost your immune system number three you’ll sleep better if you’re struggling to get a good night’s rest quitting caffeine could just be the answer caffeine blocks adesine a hormone that makes you feel sleepy without enough adesine you can’t fall asleep quitting caffeine will help you restore your

Body’s natural sleep cycle and allow you to get the rest you need number four you’ll have fewer headaches caffeine works by constricting blood vessels and limiting the flow of blood to the brain when taken in large doses or on an empty stomach it can result in a throbbing headache coding caffeine can help to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches number

Five you’ll feel calmer and have less anxiety caffeine is a stimulant which means it speeds up your body’s nervous system this can lead to increased heart rate sweating and jitters and if you’re someone who suffers from anxiety caffeine can make your symptoms worse quitting caffeine will help you feel calmer and less anxious number six you’ll save money are you

Tired of spending your hard-earned cash on coffee every morning if so you’re not alone have you ever stopped to think about how much money you spend on coffee each year if you’re buying a three dollar cup of coffee every day that adds up to over a thousand dollars per year and that’s just for coffee if you’re also buying energy drinks tea and soda your caffeine

Habit could be costing you even more so what would happen if you quit caffeine for one thing you’ll save a lot of money even if you only cut back on your caffeine intake you’ll see a significant decrease in your spending okay before we carry on the video a quick message to say that if you go to leaving you’ll see we’ve got a 30 day leaving caffeine

Challenge can you do it some of the benefits may just surprise you okay on that note let’s carry on with the video number seven you’ll lose some weight caffeine has been shown to have negative effects on our bodies one of which is weight gain caffeine sweets increases people’s consumption of sweetened beverages according to a study from victoria university when

Caffeine is present in a sugary drink individuals consume more of that beverage than a comparable sweetened beverage without caffeine cutting just one monster energy drink a day saves 200 calories per year 1 400 calories a week or 73 000 calories a year quitting just one starbucks vanilla latte a day saves 250 calories per day that’s 1750 calories a week or 91 250

Calories a year quitting a 16 ounce of coke every day saves 239 calories a day 1 673 calories a week or 87 235 calories a year number eight cleaner environment we all know that coffee is delicious and addictive but what you may not know is that your daily cup of joe is actually having a negative impact on the environment here’s why quitting caffeine will help the

Environment coffee production is water intensive it takes about 37 gallons of water to produce one pound of coffee beans that means your daily cup of coffee requires about 700 gallons of water to produce coffee production is also responsible for deforestation coffee plants need full sun to grow so coffee farms are often located in tropical rainforests in order to

Make room for more coffee plants trees are often cut down leading to habit loss and swirl erosion coffee production also generates a lot of waste coffee grounds for example are typically thrown away after just one use and since most coffee cups are not recyclable they end up in landfill sites where they sit for centuries before decomposing so if you’re looking for

A way to reduce your environmental impact quitting caffeine is a great place to start number nine better health because of the antioxidant qualities numerous studies suggest that coffee and tea may be good for your health this isn’t necessarily the case however with all caffeine beverages heavy consumption of soda energy drinks and processed coffee and tea can be

Detrimental to your health in the long run according to those who drink mostly water they’ve experienced more natural energy healthier skin and improved overall wellness and sleep coffee has a lot of antioxidants but people will be better off eating more blueberries or other high quality foods and concentrating on a healthy diet rather than drinking coffee okay so

There you have the nine benefits maybe you relate to two or three or four or five if you relate to a lot of these i want to encourage you again to go to the leaving take the 30 day leaving caffeine challenge when i gave up caffeine it was not easy yes i did miss a cup of coffee in the morning but the benefits outstrip the difficulty on getting through

The process so go to take the 30-day leaving caffeine challenge as i say you may just be surprised at the health benefits you’ll discover while you’re here why don’t you look at these videos cheers

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Quitting Caffeine – 9 Awesome Benefits! By Leaving Caffeine