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Rabzer D || Rabeprazole capsules english review || uses , side effects and dosage || english review

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Rabzer D || Rabeprazole capsules english review || uses , side effects and dosage || english review

Hey guys today we will discuss about raptured capsule and the repzerity capsule is the also a properties sr like sustain release and the about of reps ready capsule first we will discuss about mrp the mrp of revzillard capsule is the 94 for the 10 capsules and if you wanna wrap the d capsule so let’s talk about general information the contents of rhapsody

Capsule is the dom peridone mg and the arabic brazol 20 mz manufacturer of perhaps led capsule is the welles pharmaceutical private limited the storage is 10 to 30 like a room temperature though rhapsody capsule is the 30 mg and 20 mg capsule stain releases taken with food and in the before food so the dose you are given will depends on the condition and how

You respond to the medicine you should keep taking this medicine for a as long as your doctor recommendation so if you stop treatment too early your symptoms may come back and the your condition may worsen so the most common side effect of the ribs led capsule is the diarrhea stomach pain dryness in the mouth headache and flatulence and weakness most of these

Are temporary and usually resolve with the time contact your doctor straight away if you are concerned about any of these side effects so before you taking this medicine it is important to inform your doctor if you are suffering from kidney or liver disease you should also tell your doctor if you are pregnant you should also you tell your doctor and the uses

Of rhapsody capsule is the grd like gastroesophageal reflux disease and the peptic ulcer disease so benefit of the rhapsody in the gerd it is the condition which is like having heartburn and occasionally and the stomach reflects too much and the allows stomach contains the come back up into the esophogus and the mouth in the peptic ulcer disease so the peptic

Ulcer disease is the painful source and the ulcer develop in the inner leaning of the stomach and guts like intestine so you may be giving other medicine along with this medicine depending on what caused the ulcer you need to keep taking this medicine as it is prescribed for its to be effective even if the symptoms seem to disappear let’s talk about side effect

Of absurdity the diarrhea stomach pain dryness in mouth headache dizziness flat length weakness like the rear side effect of rabzidic the alternate brand of reproductivity capsule is the razor d by dr reddy and the red led capsule like by the looping and the ruby mag dsr by the mcload pharmaceutical the isobar already capsule by the ebbet pharma and how to

Use raptor rap3d capsule this medicine in the doses and the duration as advised by your doctor swallow it as a whole do not chew a crust and the break it so let’s talk about safety advice it is totally unsafe with the alcohol if you are taking consume alcohol with reps already so it can develop your side effects so about pregnancy please consult your doctor in

The about of breastfeeding so it is probably unsafe to use during breastfeeding limited human data suggested that the drug may pass into the breast milk and harm the baby so let’s talk about the liver disease about liver disease so it is totally unsafe if you’re taking in this medicine in liver disease and it is unsafe in the kidney also kidney disease also so

Quick tips of the uh raptured capsule is if you have been prescribed right led capsule for the treatment of acidity and heart one take it one hour before the meal end up probably in the morning it is well tolerated meditation and provides relief for the long time if inform your doctor if you get watery diarrhea fever and the stomach pain inform your doctor if

You do not feel better after taking this medicine in 14 days and suffering from the some other problems that’s need attention so long-term use can cause weak bones and the deficiency of minerals such as magnesium so it is the complete review about rap3d capsule so if you like this video please subscribe our channel comment in this video and share our video thanks peace

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Rabzer D || Rabeprazole capsules english review || uses , side effects and dosage || english review By Sun medicine institute