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Radiesse Injection Mixing with Lidocaine

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Radiesse is injected in a deeper plane than Juvederm. Instructions on Radiesse injection preparation & mixing with Lidocaine, demonstrated by Dr. Hassan Galadari.

Alright so radius so the especially the injection that we are going to use today is the one that one that comes in 1.5 ml and we’re gonna premix it with a little bit of lidocaine with epinephrine it has been shown that lidocaine does take off the edge i mean a recent study has been performed and it has been shown that it does take off the edge and it takes a little

Bit off pain that the patient is going to be feeling so the first trick is going to be a slightly you know uncomfortable but then subsequent ones they’re gonna be completely painless and the way to mix it is going to be as follows you can i’ve already removed a little bit of the lidocaine with epinephrine and this is 0.5 we’re going to be using a little bit less

Than that we’re gonna be using about 0.15 to 0.2 and then we’re going to be connecting it to this female to female connector and one syringe is going to go from this area over here and it’s going to connect to the other side over here and then we’re going to be pre mixing it so the first things first is that i’m going to try to remove a little bit of the lidocaine

Out because we have 0.5 and i just need a little bit of point two and then i remove the needle and then i am going to connect this this is the lidocaine now so it’s connected to the female to female connector and then this is the this is the radius this is the material itself so we’re going to be connecting it right over here and then we’re going to go back and

Forth if you look at this now it so they’re connected they’re very very well connected and we’re gonna go back and forth you’re good you have to go very very slowly you don’t want to break down the product itself so you have to go very very slowly back and forth back and forth what are you doing here is that you’re mixing the product itself with the lidocaine so

That you develop this homogeneous material that contains both the product and the lidocaine a recent study has shown that you need to do it about 15 times before you know the homogeneity actually kind of conforms completely so you keep on doing this keep on doing this very very very slowly you don’t want to do it very very fast okay just because you do not want to

Break down the molecular structure of you know the product itself i personally like and doing it in even numbers because that’s how you know i don’t wanna say that’s how i’m trained but that’s basically how i’m used to it so even though it comes with a 1.5 cc syringe i kind of fill it back up to 1.2 then i can actually know you know i can easily divide it so if

This is if we put in point 2 into a 1.5 and we are going to be using point 2 right over here then there’s gonna be about 0.5 of the material on the syringe over here and this you can actually use later on so what we’re going to do is that we’re going to be removing the product how we’ll keep this on the side because i’m going to be using it a little bit later on

And i’m going to be using this new needle now the new needle is this is actually a pretty neat needle the nice thing about it is that it’s it’s a needle that is a 28 gauge from the outside however it’s a 27 gauge from the inside the beauty of it is is that it’s it’s got a much easy flow to and so you the product will come out seamlessly without having any problems

But at the same time because it has a 28 gauge on the outside it’s much less painful so the patient is hardly going to be feeling anything as you can see it’s a very very thin needle radius is a very thick substance so if you can’t do anything less you know when i say less i mean more gauge than a 28 gauge so this is this is like the perfect needle you don’t want

To go for example with 2 29 or 30 the product is simply not going to be coming out so that’s what we’re gonna be doing right now

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Radiesse Injection Mixing with Lidocaine By galadaridermaclinic