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RADIOHEAD POLYETHYLENE REACTION – Too great to be a B side single!

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Reaction to Radiohead Polyethylene.I find it so hard to believe this was a B side.This is an amazing song and should have been a single in its own right.

Hi guys welcome into my reaction channel my name is harry today i’m going to be doing a song by radiohead called polyethelen it was requested for by one of my um patrons call that jack allen jack says the song never quite made it onto the album but um it was a b-side and it calls it a rocking b-side track so let’s go check out polyethylene all that you wanna

If i get scared i’ll just two is four my only part you know it’s i thought to myself that sounds like a demo you know and then it says one two three four i like the way you said the fall and i think the actual song itself is about to start now maybe that’s why it’s called pat one two two three four so so say sickness i don’t know about this you

Know because um i mentioned in one of my reviews of um of um radiohead that they reminded me of them oasis when they play guitar when i hear those guitar sounds you know and i was told severally that you know don’t even mention you know that band you know and radiohead so i’m censored there’s a kind of rivalry amongst the two bands but on a serious note right

When i hear those guitars you know and some of the music it always reminds me of oasis really not the vocals the vocals are nothing like oasis but those guitars you know and the drums and when they are all like together jangled together you know and rocking away it really reminds me of oasis but um forgive me guys i hope you don’t come for me i don’t know what

The rivalry is about plastic if so jack i totally agree with you this was a b-side i don’t believe it this should have been a single itself you know i love this and i love all that guitar you know hybrid that just like him you know took place just before like i posted now you know i think it it’s a really really rocking track you know

And i think um i think this would have done well as a single i cannot believe that i didn’t even make it onto the album it was a b side incredible oh very impressive like i said i cannot believe that this didn’t make it empty album that was a b side wow that must have been some album if this you know could not get onto the album it was a b side incredible

I i really liked it you know i like the guitars you know especially the last two minutes is you know that could have been a hit just as an instrumental you know very very this will be one of those songs that when they play live the crowd will just go mental you know it’s got live written all over it all over it i really really like that and i’m repeating myself

But i i find it so hard to believe that um that was a b side never video into the album incredible stuff there has been some great b-sides over the years actually that um you know were flipped over and became huge hits you know so um it just shows that i’m at times you know bands don’t really know what’s gonna work you know they just um i think was it was it

Maggie may by rob stewart that was a b-side as well and some dj flipped it over i’ve heard that story told so many times you know tina turner apparently when she got the um when she got the song um what’s love got to do with it she she took the lyrics and threw it on the floor you know she didn’t want to record it became the biggest hit of her career you know

So um you just never know fantastic polyethylene thanks jack for um for requesting for this i’m sure the uh radio fans will be happy uh to uh to hear this and non radioactive fans like ours who are just discovering them you know where we’re like um you know digging this as well so uh thank you for that thank you guys for um for watching hope you had a great time

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Get a guaranteed request sorry yeah i guarantee them reaction rather so yeah so thanks for watching guys i shall see you the next stop bye

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RADIOHEAD POLYETHYLENE REACTION – Too great to be a B side single! By HarriBest Reactions