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RASH AFTER ANTIBIOTICS!!! (Is this an Allergic Reaction?) | Dr

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What tell me again really do i get royalties we’ll go to vegas together hey welcome to another episode of we’re guys we don’t have an episode here it’s just dr. paul here we’ve got an interesting rash i wanted you to see and also it’s sort of a diagnostic dilemma is this an allergic reaction or not my hands here so for our viewers wool mom has amazing english

But she didn’t want to use her english because she said it wasn’t good so i’m gonna do the talking which is too bad because your english is on me all right so this young lady is four months old right yep four months old and had bronchiolitis which was a viral respiratory thing a lot of coughing and wheezing and that’s an illness that lasts a long time and it

Did this was all of may and was starting to clear up we still had a tiny bit of congestion when three days ago a fever developed and the fever was up to 102 point something 0.7 and with went to an emergency pediatric emergency or urgent care diagnosed with the bilateral ear infection both ears being infected and put on amoxicillin and then the next day so two

Days ago developed the fever started breaking and then developed a rash it’s just a tiny bit at first and then it spread so we’re gonna just go look at that rash i what you doing what you doing you gonna give us a smile you’re on give us a smile i know you can do it i didn’t go easy do it there it is that’s a hard one to get a smile you can see this is a faint

Slightly raised pink rash that it’s interesting if i push on it you will notice that it disappears and when i let go comes back that is very characteristic of a viral rash and viral example now the concern we have here is that this young lady’s been and she’s still smiling sorta he’s young cute she’s so cute a little bit on the face but it’s mostly on the trunk

And a little bit down into the legs what you doing she’s been on amoxicillin which is an antibiotic or ear infection yes you have for the two and a half days or so mom called advice yesterday and was given the advice stuff the amoxicillin this might be an allergic reaction which is certainly possible anytime you have a rationale new rash well on an antibiotic you

Should call your provider probably stop it until you’re sure it’s not allergic so the question for us today the diagnostic dilemma for you is is this an allergic reaction to amoxicillin well in my crystal ball i would tell you probably not why am i not 100% sure well allergic reactions can come in many forms it usually is that classic raised irregular border hives

What you call or target lesions which will show you some descriptions and links to other videos that show classic hives this is more of that very faint kind of spotty blanching rash not hives at all the other thing that makes me feel pretty sure that this is not hives is i’m almost certain it’s roseola now roseola is a common childhood illness caused by a herpes

Virus it’s not the kind of herpes that we worry about it’s not that kind it’s a different herpes 6 not one or two and the classic story is a six month old and we’re not quite six months i know but your precocious your precocious you just want to get things done fast that’s right that’s right yeah we’ll get things done fast so typically six months to three years of

Age you have a fever for a day or two the fever breaks and boom you get the rash it’s almost like classic you see that it’s roseola so i was telling talking with mom we’re gonna put possible allergic reaction in the chart just in case because we did have a rash while on an antibiotic but mom has another young child at home who if this was rosy or a good chance that

Child is gonna get the same story so a fever and then there the fever breaks you get the rash and if that happens then i am positive 100% this is roseola all right so there you have it folks the other thing about roseola is kids are pretty happy they’re usually not that sick and they get better within a day or two so for three or four but okay you guys thanks for

Watching the big thumbs up for lovely mom and baby willing to share their story so that you can learn what to watch out for when you’re worried about allergies when you’re worried about rashes and in a little baby roseola possibly thanks for watching

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RASH AFTER ANTIBIOTICS!!! (Is this an Allergic Reaction?) | Dr By paulthomasmd – Dr. Paul