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Rats Army Transdermals: What I dont like. Are they Legit?

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Hey guys welcome back in today’s video i’m going to go over some of the product um from rats army these are their transdermal products so i’m going to give them a quick review i’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now off and on and i felt like this was a good time to go ahead and give my analysis on them um before i get into that though just remember for

You guys wanting more information on sarms and dosing and all that kind of stuff since i still get a ton of questions about that you can go to my website right now and register for the email list that will give you a code to go through the checkout process to get that book for free unfortunately for whatever reason i’m a website i can’t just send the book to you

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For free if you register for the email subscription list and then with that list if you stay subscribed to it i’ll uh i basically send out discounts ahead of time when i have the information available since i’m an affiliate for a lot of these companies i’ll get the sales banners a couple of days ahead of time and then i’ll send those out in the email that way

You guys know when stuff is going on sale and you can stock up at a discount before they run out of stuff so that’s that also if something happens to this channel that gives me a way to contact you guys and let you know the new channel url all right so i have three products from rat’s army i have their l-carnitine their one andro and their yohimbe okay so the

One issue i have right off the bat with these um is the dosing okay so they have a good dose in here the problem is when you open this up um it’s just there’s no way to really measure it see it kind of kind of comes out like a lotion it’s very much like lotion you can see that on the camera but you don’t really have a good way of measuring how much you’re getting

Out of there so that’s the one issue i have i’ll just go ahead and rub this on just because i’ve already got on my finger and it’ll kind of give you the demonstration so i’m just going to put some right on here just rub it in feels very much like lotion and that’ll soak in pretty quick um so as far as application uh it’s hard to get an accurate dose the stuff

Goes on like lotion it soaks in relatively quickly about the same rate as lotion so keep that in mind if you’re going to be getting dressed right away or crawling into bed you might want to give it a few extra minutes to fully absorb and soak in okay that being said these products do seem to be legitimate as far as i can tell they seem to be potent good products

Like i said the only issue i have is the dosing and getting around measuring how much i’m actually getting so i’m taking a pretty good guess at how much to put on my hand and rub in and i definitely feel the products but like i said i don’t know exactly how much i’m actually getting from each of those applications and each application can vary in amount since i’m

Not really measuring if you guys have any tricks that you know of for measuring this stuff please let me know in the comments also they do offer these products in various forms they have the transdermals they have liquids they have pills of some products capsules they have pro hormones sarms and a bunch of other stuff like carnitine available on their website

Like always you can get the discount go to the link below and i appreciate you guys support let me know what you think about the new youtube short videos i’m doing youtube has this program out now so it’s basically um competing with tiktok to create short videos so i’ve been posting some of those let me know if you guys like them so far i’ve had some pretty good

Comments um some of you guys seem to enjoy them if those are helpful to you let me know um looking for ways to add content more regularly that can kind of help you guys and help the channel grow at the same time and the youtube shorts seem to be a good way of doing that i can show short clips to me in the gym or what i’m eating etc instead of trying to make a

Four or five ten minute video right youtube doesn’t really like when i produce a video that is less than five minutes long because they want so much view time per video in order for them to show it right so it’s just finding the algorithm for right now the youtube shorts are going to be a cool way for me to just throw out some extra content for you guys and uh

Yeah let me know if you guys have a solution on this as far as dosing goes other than that if you’re okay with taking the liquid forms that’s the route i would go because you can just obviously measure that with a syringe i could probably measure this with a syringe if i want to suck it out of there but i haven’t tried doing that yet so there’s my initial review

On those products i’m already feeling that by the way a little bit on my skin um so yohimbe by the way is a sexual stimulant among other things and so it’s something that my body responds to pretty well and uh i kind of feel uh an energy from it i don’t know how to explain it pretty quickly and i already feel that so that’s a good sign but thank you guys for

Watching hope you enjoyed the video and i’ll see you in the next one take care so you

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Rats Army Transdermals: What I dont like. Are they Legit? By DadBod 2.0