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Real Cause Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Dr. Berg

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Hi guys in this video we’re gonna talk about high blood pressure hypertension okay so where do i start well first of all there’s something called secondary hypertension which really comes from something else so let’s say for example you are on kitt analysis you have a kidney problem kidney damage that alone can cause hypertension okay but there’s another type of

Hypertension called primary hypertension or essential hypertension or idiopathic hypertension all these are the same thing and what this means is it has an unknown cause okay idiopathic means we don’t know what caused it and there’s no cure okay but there’s a treatment right medication and of course they’ll tell you to avoid salt and your salt sensitive put you in

A diuretic or other medications alright and then you have something called the metabolic syndrome which is composed of high blood pressure hypertension high cholesterol high sugar belly fat and insulin resistance okay so that’s interesting well let’s take a look if you research insulin resistance you’re gonna find it has a side effect okay one of the side effects

Of insulin resistance which by the way is high insulin is high blood pressure in other words high blood pressure is being caused by insulin resistance too much insulin and if you look at metabolic syndrome all these other diseases in addition to hypertension and high cholesterol and high blood sugar and belly fat these are all symptoms of insulin resistance so

It’s very confusing when you try to do research because it’ll say instant resistance is an associative factor it might be a risk factor no no no it’s the cause of these other things right here now let’s take a look at what high insulin or insulin resistance will do it makes your arteries stiff now having stiff arteries and hardened arteries you think that might

Increase your blood pressure a little bit it does it causes sodium retention yeah sodium retention okay so and it also causes low potassium sodium and potassium work together when you have high sodium you’re gonna have low potassium potassium deficiencies will also cause hypertension but that could be coming from the incident resistance so i don’t think people

Are salt sensitive i think their potassium deficient because they don’t consume enough vegetable you your body needs 4700 milligrams every single day yeah to get that potassium you would have to have between seven and ten cups of vegetable or salad every single leg you might not be doing that okay and that could be part of the problem but mainly it’s the insulin

Resistance which will then block the absorption of potassium and then exaggerate the higher levels of sodium and create the problem so what’s been the missing link is this cause effect relationship and the confusion that is out there on this topic i would highly recommend start researching insulin resistance i put some links down below so you can start looking at

The relationship between these two and start to improve the root cause which is high levels of insulin okay do things to lower insulin 1b start consuming a lot of salads number two cut out the sugar because that’s what raises the insulin do in a minute fasting do the ketogenic program which will lower your sugar’s so i put some links down below so you can become

More educated on insulin resistance so you can address this symptom of high blood pressure thanks for watching hi guys listen i want to thank you so much for your wonderful comments and i want to ask you if you wouldn’t mind giving me your review on google i put a link down below i’d really appreciate it and thank you in advance

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Real Cause Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) – Dr. Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC